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Buffalo News Calls Rubicon “First-Rate,” NY Talks Hair With James Badge Dale

Rubicon‘s debut last Sunday made a splash, garnering high praise from the Buffalo News and network-high ratings for AMC. Meanwhile, James Badge Dale chats with New York Magazine about his hair and discusses non-hair issues with the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News.

The Buffalo News calls Rubicon “first-rate television, a nicely paranoid spy show full of complex allusions and possibilities…”

New York Magazine asks James Badge Dale about his gray hair. His answer: “Um, listen, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The gray hair is all mine… “

James Badge Dale discusses Will Travers with the New York Post, saying “It’s nervewracking to play a character that’s so much smarter than you.” To the Dallas Morning News, he admits
he’s starting to take note of conspiracies in real life: “We carry on
our lives like everything is normal, but the powers that be are doing
things and keeping secrets that are very disconcerting.”

– There was pre-premiere buzz from the Daily News (labeling Rubicon one of its “5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss”) (no link), the Baltimore Sun (“a richly-textured conspiracy thriller”) and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
(“If you like a juicy conspiracy thriller, one with twists and turns
and mystery and murder, then AMC has a good one for you.”) (no link)

– The Richmond Times-Dispatch characterizes Rubicon as “an homage to an earlier time of abused power and the public suspicion that brings.” (no link)

– The ratings are in, and the two-hour premiere averaged 2 million
viewers, the “highest-rated series debut in the network’s history,” according to TV Guide. The Columbus Dispatch breaks down the numbers, while TV Squad declares, “If its two-hour opener is any indication, AMC’s Rubicon looks like it’s flowing into hitsville.”

UGO visits Rubicon‘s NYC set and calls James Badge Dale “smart, funny, personable, and very passionate about his show.”

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