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Maggie’s Blog – Saying the Right Thing


Had to meet with K.I. today. I hated every second of it. He asked me if Will’s been affected by David’s death. Um, yeah. I’d say so. It was his father-in-law and he just died last week. In a train crash. But I said no, he seemed fine. It felt like the right thing to say. I can’t say I feel good about telling on Tanya’s drinking problem. But given the choice between her or him… I have to rat her out. Anyway, fingers crossed that was our last meeting.

In happier/worse news, Will was in front of me in the lunch line today (an honest coincidence) and offered to pay for my food and instead of stupid Maggie just saying thank you and leaving it at that, something idiotic comes out of my mouth about this being the closest thing to a lunch date we’ll ever have. Will was completely uncomfortable and basically ran away from me. At least I kept it together when he asked me to watch the owl and put the broom back. Sweet that he wants David’s owl on his desk. He’s watching over him.

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