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Maggie’s Blog – I Can’t Believe He’s Here

maggies_blog_header.jpgEverything is out of control. I guess I truly believed — hoped and prayed — that he wouldn’t find us, that he’d forget about us. He can’t get it together to get a job or to pay a bill, but he somehow managed to find my address, buy a bus ticket, and make it all the way to New York. I told K.I. Part of me was hoping he would just accept it and let it go, but another part of me wants him to intervene and find him and take care of it. Get rid of him. But the look on Bear’s face when she saw him, she loves her dad so much. She doesn’t know, though, what he’s capable of. She doesn’t realize that the reason we’re here, thousands of miles from home, is because of him. I’m so mad. So mad and confused. I don’t know what to do. Do I let him move in and pretend that we’re a family? He’s crazy. The idea of having to listen to him breathe air makes me want to scream. The idea that he even gets to breathe air at all, after the things he’s done… One way or another, this isn’t going to work. That, I know, for certain.

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