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What You’re Saying About the Sneak Preview Online

After catching the sneak preview of Rubicon online (and on-air), commenters are positively atwitter with anticipation for the full season (starting Sun., Aug. 1 at 8PM | 7C). Can you blame them for already trying to unravel the mysteries at the heart of the show?

• “It was interesting to find out that this is taking place in the present. I like mysteries, so this show is right up my alley. Overall, very good pilot.” — Sareeta Kameth

• “I’m very excited for the future of this show, I’m thrilled and interested and love the actor picked for the main character.” — Jesse A. Goodrich

• “Watched the pilot…very interesting. Can’t wait to see the additional episodes.” — Stan Mehaffey

• “Rubicon does an expert job of presenting a compelling story with outstanding actors and cinematography. I feel like I have to pay attention because the writers are trusting me to use my own brain and put pieces together.” — jbbarnes

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