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EW Gives Rubicon an A-, Plus Interviews with James Badge Dale and Jessica Collins

With just two days to go until the Rubicon premiere, the praise keeps pouring in. Read on to find out what critics are saying. Also, pay a visit to the Rubicon set and read interviews with actors James Badge Dale and Jessica Collins.

  • Dale also gets “cheered” by TV Guide.
  • The San Antonio Express-News interviewed San Antonio native Jessica Collins (Maggie) about playing such a secretive character: “The fun of the show is waiting for each chess piece to be moved.”
  • paid a visit to the Rubicon set in New York City’s South Street Seaport.
  • The New York Times explored the six-story office building that houses API headquarters. “I think it always adds an element of realism when you can shoot in the actual place, and you’re not constructing soundstages,” James Badge Dale told the Times.
  • The Wall Street Journal covered a Rubicon panel about conspiracy theories, attended by showrunner Henry Bromell and former CIA Chief of Worldwide Operations, Jack Devine.
  • New York mentioned Rubicon in a roundup of nerdy TV characters, affectionately calling API’s staff “a six-pack of mad geniuses with messy hair and intimacy issues.”
  • USA Today and Time profiled the show, comparing it to 24 and quoting cast and crew. “We’ve had some cop shows in which guys sneak around alleys,” showrunner Henry Bromell tells Time. “But never one about brainy guys who sort through reams of data and try to find patterns.
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