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Maggie’s Blog – Why This Heartache?

maggies_blog_header.jpgHe’s my boss. It could be that I spent two days trying to secure a
restaurant reservation for his birthday lunch. Except, he never asked
me to do that. And, he never gave me any reason to think he’d want to
dine with me on his birthday. But there I go, orchestrating a whole
birthday celebration for a man who has nothing to give. However, it has
been nine years. He should be ready. But who am I to think if he was
ready that it would be me he’d be ready for? UGH! I want Sophie to have
a dad. This is so catty I know, but I overheard him and Tanya in the
hall trying to figure out a clue to the crossword puzzle. I figured it
out, in pen, on the train that morning. Four leaf clover in Latin is
marsilia quadfrolia. Satisfying to know that eight years of Latin has
availed me nothing. Because I wanted to run out in the hallway and tell
her. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to tell her, I wanted to tell him.
But, like I said, I didn’t. I should have. Maybe he likes her. Or maybe
he doesn’t like anyone, including me. And maybe I am totally out of my
mind. Sophie just woke up. I have to go put her back to bed. Looking
forward to another day of unrequited lust…

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