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Rolling Stone, LA Times Have Early Praise for Rubicon and Its Cast


In the build-up to Rubicon‘s official premiere on Sun., Aug. 1 at 8PM | 7C, the LA Times is already giving positive feedback regarding the casting of Miranda Richardson and Arliss Howard, while Rolling Stone is praising the pilot episode.

EW‘s Michael Ausiello gave an exclusive sneak peek of the show’s new poster as well as a trailer earlier today.

• Rolling Stone states “Rubicon seems to be in the same elite class” as Mad Men and Breaking Bad. According to the mag, the pilot suggests “a superbly brainy political thriller in the genus of Three Days of the Condor and The Parallax View.” (no link)

The LA Times thinks Rubicon co-stars Miranda Richardson and Arliss Howard “should be in everything.”

Red Eye features this summer’s TV stars talking about why you should watch their shows. James Badge Dale says simply, “Our target audience doesn’t go outside.”

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