Season 1, Episode 13

You Never Can Win

Will uncovers the missing link between Truxton and Hadas’s death. Katherine discovers the truth behind her husband’s suicide.

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Addressing API staffers, Spangler declares the tanker attack to be a massive intelligence failure and urges his staff to "come back with the truth" about the perpetrators.

Intelligence related to the bombing links Yuri, George, Tanaz, and Kateb to the Iranians so clearly that Will suspects the evidence was manufactured to lead U.S. agencies astray. Grant argues that the case against Iran is "airtight."

Katherine views the Meet Me in St. Louis DVD, which contains inserted footage of Tom Rhumor accusing Spangler of manipulating API intelligence. Tom recites the address of a Mott Street apartment where Katherine should head if she feels she is in danger. David Hadas then steps into the frame and begins a message for Will, and Katherine ejects the DVD, knowing she needs to get it into Will’s hands as soon as possible.

On API's roof, Kale explains to Will that the conspirators' real goal was to incite a backlash against Iran and counsels him to make a strategic retreat and validate the falsified data. When Will resists, Kale critiques his response as emotional and a sign of weakness.

In his office, Will confides his theory about Spangler to Miles after dropping his office's bug into a glass of milk. Miles worries that stress is affecting Will's judgment.

At , Joshua Lowan demands that Spangler shut down the "the whole operation." Galveston was a success, Spangler contends, and the Iranians will be blamed. Joshua responds that the scheme has become too risky because of Will and Katherine's snooping. Spangler refuses to back down.

Katherine phones Will and asks if he knew someone named David. Will instructs her to meet him at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, warning her that she'll be safe only in crowded spaces.

The landlord lets Will into Bloom's apartment. After finding a hidden safe, Will calls Hal to help crack it. Meanwhile, Joshua, James Wheeler, , and take a vote and unanimously agree to .

Katherine visits the Mott Street apartment and is greeted by Andy, who says that they were never supposed to meet. Grabbing her gun, Andy leaves with Katherine, directing her to walk ahead and not look back. Katherine insists on stopping in Central Park without disclosing that she's meeting Will.

In the conference room, Julia walks the team through intelligence indicating that Kateb used Soviet-made torpedoes that were sent to Iran two years earlier. Miles questions the evidence, but Grant claims that it conclusively implicates Iran. Tanya suggests the doubts the team is having are because they know if the attack was state-sponsored terrorism, the U.S. retaliation will result in many more deaths.

Spangler summons Grant and expresses concern that Will doesn't have the nerve to start a war with Iran "if that's what must be done." Grant attempts to support Will, prompting Spangler to ask if Grant doesn't think he deserves to be appointed team leader.

In Central Park, Andy draws back as Katherine approaches the fountain looking for Will, who spots her and moves toward her. As he does, Mr. Roy bumps into Katherine, moments later tossing away a syringe and the surgical gloves he was wearing. Katherine passes out, dropping the DVD as she falls to the pavement. Will tries to assist Katherine but realizes she's dead and flees the scene, as does Andy.

Back at API, Will tells Maggie about witnessing Katherine's murder and says that remaining at API was a huge mistake. "All I wanted was some answers," he explains.

In the conference room, Grant announces his promotion and Will's demotion to Tanya, Miles, and Julia. "I quit," blurts Tanya, quickly clarifying that her decision is not because of Grant. "I can't do this anymore," she says before declaring her intention to write a book and get rich.

Miles bumps into Kale in the hallway, and Kale tells him to buck up. "It's only bullets whistling by," Kale remarks with a wry smile. "They can't kill you."

In his office, Will shows Miles photos of Bloom in Houston from June 2010, but Miles says that there are no travel records placing Bloom there at that time. Following a hunch, Will asks Hal to search airline passenger manifests for two of Bloom's known aliases, and Hal gets a hit for a private flight on a plane owned by a subsidiary of Atlas MacDowell.

Spangler's assistant delivers some flowers from and receives an uncharacteristic thank-you from his boss. The accompanying envelope contains a four-leaf clover.

Back downstairs, Will explains to Miles how Bloom and the Atlas MacDowell plane tie Spangler to the conspiracy. Will concedes that their evidence won't hold up in court, but says, "It'll make a hell of a New York Times story." "I'm gonna do my job," Will continues. "I'm gonna present the facts to my superior." Grant informs Will that he's now team leader and is relieved when Will agrees that Grant deserves the promotion.

Julia visits a visibly upset Miles in his office. When she asks him what’s wrong, he will only say that "everything is different" and then tells her he needs to be alone.

Will heads up to API's roof, where he finds Spangler chain-smoking. He tells Spangler everything he knows about the conspiracy and admits the one flaw in his work: he couldn't figure out the motive. Spangler says he is impressed with Will's research but chides him for his lack of analysis, alluding to reasons for the conspiracy that are "so much bigger than David, or you, or me, for that matter."

"Make your report," Spangler taunts Will before walking away. "Do you really think anyone is gonna give a sh-t?"

Now alone on the roof, Will turns toward the ledge, where he spots Spangler's four-leaf clover.


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