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Season 1, Episode 11

A Good Day’s Work

Will gets a special assignment from Truxton. Tanya is asked to rejoin the team to help locate Kateb. A threat leaves Katherine afraid to leave her house.

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Full Recap

Will wakes up to find Andy staring at him. She says she has questions about his job, and Will replies that he’s not going to answer them.

At API, Colonel Mitchell, , and meet with Spangler about intelligence chatter indicating that Kateb has been activated for a terrorist mission. Mitchell requests that API sift through data about Kateb's whereabouts and determine his mission.

Will asks Kale to reinstate Tanya and Maggie to his team so they can assist in tracking down Kateb. Kale consents, after noting that Spangler has taken an active interest in the investigation.

Katherine exits her loft, then, paralyzed by fear, darts back inside.

At API, Will reasons that Kateb's handlers are deliberately generating fake sightings to conceal his itinerary. In order to discover Kateb’s whereabouts, the team first needs to create a psychological profile.

In his office, Will cross-references corporations and people linked to Atlas MacDowell. After glancing at the beach photo, he phones the Fishers Island library but hangs up when Kale enters. With a wary eye on the owl that contains the bug, the two have a cryptic discussion, ending with Kale granting Will permission to step out and continue his research.

Tanya joins Grant, Miles, and Julia in the conference room. Grant cuts the awkward reunion short by immediately getting Tanya up to speed.

At Andy's apartment, Will identifies one of the two remaining unknowns in the beach photo as Joshua Lowan, then prepares to leave. Andy sulks when he refuses to stay. "I'm busy," Will says tersely.

Spangler visits the conference room to get a progress report on Kateb. "We're zeroing in," Grant lies. When Spangler asks where Will is, Miles covers for him.

Spangler snoops around Will's office. He picks up Will’s phone and presses the phone's redial button. says, "Fishers Island Public Library." Spangler is taken aback, then repeatedly bangs the receiver on the desk.

Will visits Katherine at her loft. After she reluctantly lets him in, he tells her about twelve companies with boards that include at least two men in the Fishers Island photo and how each company may have used API research to profit from world tragedies. "What's worse," Will adds, "I think they might have been engineering the events themselves."

Gerald Bradley's death, Will explains, preceded a Russian gas-pipe explosion that killed hundreds and subsequently netted Atlas MacDowell record profits when gas prices skyrocketed. Bradley may have committed suicide out of guilt; if Tom’s suicide was similarly remorseful, another catastrophe could be imminent.

Will returns to API, where the team is discussing how no information exists about Kateb prior to 2004. Grant speculates that there is no information because Kateb didn’t exist before 2004 and that perhaps Kateb is a manufactured identity following someone’s conversion to Islamic extremism. Will orders the team to research enrollment records at Islamic study centers outside the United States.

During a break, Tanya rifles through her office looking for pills but only turns up an empty bottle. The presence of Julia's research materials on her desk adds to her frustration.

Spangler meets with Mr. Roy and tells him that Will has become a problem. He instructs Roy to arrange a hit that looks like the drug overdose of a grieving widower. "This is a priority," Spangler emphasizes.

An estate saleswoman stops by Katherine’s apartment to notify her that all of the contents of Tom's townhouse have been sold except for a worthless jewelry box. Katherine asks for the box to be brought to her.

That evening, Grant holds up a photo from the Boeck wedding and asks, “Who’s this guy?” Miles identifies him as Joseph Purcell, a white male in his early twenties from New Jersey who moved to Yemen in 2003 for a postgrad program.

"Remember, described Kateb as light skinned," says Miles, also noting that the time line is perfect. Will orders everyone to go home while more information about Purcell is gathered.

Spangler drops by Will's office and reminisces about David Hadas, the "conscience of this place." Will updates Spangler about Kateb possibly being Purcell. Spangler congratulates Will on his work before urging him to head home.

Donald Bloom deposits drug paraphernalia around Will’s apartment, fills a syringe, and hides in Will’s bathroom. Shortly after Will returns, Bloom sneaks up from behind, then stabs him with the syringe. Will fights back, and the two stumble around the apartment. Will grabs for his shoulder bag, and its contents -- including Will’s gun -- scatter across the floor. Bloom attempts to strangle Will with a towel, but Will pounds Bloom’s ribs with his elbow until Bloom lets go. Will crawls to his gun, spins around, and shoots Bloom in the head.

A stunned and bloodied Will calls Kale, who commands him not to do or touch anything. Kale arrives soon thereafter, cranks up Will’s stereo, leads Will into the bathroom, and tells him to wait. Moments later, arrives. The two begin cleaning up.

Back at API, Spangler invites Grant to his office for a scotch to congratulate him on his Kateb analysis. Spangler asks if Grant has ambitions towards leadership. Grant replies that he does.

At her loft, Katherine pries open the jewelry box but finds nothing. Frustrated, she tosses it to the ground where it shatters, revealing a hidden note from Tom. The apologetic note ends wishing for Katherine to continue to celebrate their anniversary.

Miles rushes into Spangler's office with news that Purcell’s passport came up with a hit: he crossed into the United States from Mexico 36 hours earlier.

Back at Will's tidied apartment, Kale wraps the gun in a towel, points to the bloody shirt Will is still wearing, and leaves.

Later, Will hears a knock. Grabbing a baseball bat, he opens the door to find Andy, holding a tomato. She apologizes for nagging earlier and tells him there's no reason they can't keep having fun.

"Go home, and don't come back," Will replies before closing the door.

Walking back across his living room, Will notices a smear of blood on his mantel.


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