Season 1, Episode 6

Look to the Ant

Ingram makes Will a surprising offer. Katherine finds a connection between Tom’s death and another suicide victim. Maggie allows Craig to take Sophie for the night.

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Full Recap

Kale slips into Will's empty apartment, where notes and clippings of the investigation into David Hadas's death cover the floor.

At API, Will walks into his office when Maggie is snooping and looking for in his desk drawers. "I was just straightening up," she explains before informing Will that Kale has invited him to dinner at his apartment that night.

Will updates the team about the surveillance arrangements being made for the Boeck wedding. Miles volunteers to monitor the feed from Germany all night, claiming that his kids will be at a sleepover.

Katherine visits Gerald Bradley's widow, Alice, on Street, then shows her the article she found in Tom's files about Gerald's death. Alice says that she's never heard of Tom Rhumor.

Craig picks up Maggie's daughter, Sophie, from school for a sleepover. Maggie warns Craig that she'll call the police if she can't reach him, or if Sophie is late for school the following day.

Will arrives at Kale's apartment and meets Kale's boyfriend, Walter. Walter remarks that he doesn't usually meet Kale's co-workers. "Is he the scary boss?" Walter asks.

"Yes," Will replies.

After dinner, Kale tells Will about a car accident the previous evening involving Donald Bloom and Edward Roy. "Roy is the person of interest for you, not Bloom," says Kale. "More specifically, who is Roy working for?"

Kale advises Will to stop using API resources to investigate David's death, adding that Will's apartment is bugged. Kale then tells Will that while he can't participate in the investigation directly he will point Will in the right direction when he's able.

At API, Miles watches the feed of the Boeck wedding and realizes he needs a translator. Running frantically through the building, he finds Julia Harwell at her desk. Upon learning that she speaks Urdu, Miles persuades her to translate for him.

Will finds numerous bugs planted throughout his apartment. Just after discovering a bug in his cell phone, the phone rings. It's Maggie, who asks Will out for a drink. Will declines, telling her he's in the middle of something.

Thoroughly unsettled by the bugs, Will gathers up his notes on David's death and heads for the door, pausing to grab the gun he found inside the seat of David's motorcycle. He goes to a crowded Internet café on Street in Koreatown. There he begins researching Edward Roy.

John, a classmate from Maggie's night school class, arrives at Maggie's apartment with a Scrabble game and a bottle of wine. When he asks her where she works, Maggie says UNICEF. Their conversation soon comes to an awkward pause; Maggie offers to open the wine.

At the Internet café, Will realizes that his gun is visible inside his messenger bag, so he closes the flap. When Will gets up to retrieve a printout, reaches for the bag but backs off when Will shouts at him.

Back at API, Miles and Julia monitor the wedding reception. Julia says it's mostly wedding talk, but moments later a cryptic conversation involving George Boeck piques her interest. " is thanking him for his generosity, talking about the foundation," says Julia. "Does that mean anything to you?"

At Maggie's apartment, Maggie and John practice speaking Hindi. When John heads for the kitchen for more wine, Maggie follows, then kisses him.

Will leaves the Internet café and realizes he's being followed. Will ambushes , points his gun at him, and demands to know for whom he's working. "I don't want to know," replies. Will informs that he has access to every government database that exists and takes a photo of with his cell phone.

At her mansion, Katherine reads over the Gerald Bradley clipping again and notes that it mentions Gerald was a board member at a company called Atlas MacDowell. With a furrowed brow, she walks over to a bookshelf and picks up a glass paperweight, on which is inscribed "Happy Holidays -- 2007 -- Atlas MacDowell."

Maggie and John have just finished having sex when there's a knock on the door. It's Will. "I was hoping to crash on the couch," he says, but he leaves when he realizes Maggie has company. A crestfallen Maggie tells John to go.

On the video feed, Miles recognizes , an Iranian intelligence officer, but Julia can't make out ’s conversation with .

At API the next morning, Will apologizes to Maggie for the previous evening and then heads to Kale's office. When he starts talking about Edward Roy, Kale stops him. They head up to the roof. There Will tells Kale that he's learned that Roy works for an investigative firm that is a subsidiary of Atlas MacDowell. “What do you imagine Atlas is up to?” says Kale.

"Why are you helping me?" Will asks.

"I support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic," Kale replies, before warning Will, "It's not just your apartment. They're monitoring you here too."

Katherine visits Alice Bradley again to ask about Atlas MacDowell and tells her that Tom succeeded Gerald on the board. Alice shows Katherine a box of Gerald's belongings that she once hoped would provide clues about his death. Katherine notices a four-leaf clover encased in acrylic. "I found that on Gerald's desk the day he died," says Alice. Katherine abruptly leaves.

Afterward, Alice picks up a framed photograph of seven young men -- the same image that James Wheeler removed from Tom's townhouse.

Back at API, Will sinks into his chair and looks around his office. His gaze settles on David's brass owl.


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