Season 1, Episode 5

Connect the Dots

David’s code leads Will to suspect someone at API. Katherine loses faith in Wheeler and decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Full Recap

Ed surprises Will outside of API one morning, eager for any news about the names from David Hadas's code. Will replies that only one name, Donald Bloom, concerns him, and notes that Bloom has made six trips to Houston during the past year. "Check the White Papers," Ed tells Will, referring to API's level of its library.

Kale observes Tanya entering the API cafeteria looking pale and haggard. Later, after ordering Will to attend Mrs. Spangler's annual charity event, Kale remarks to Will that Tanya "seems off," perhaps from too many late nights.

Will conducts a computer search of API documents. He finds a listing for a white paper ("The Houston Problem") written by David, but when he goes to find it it turns up missing.

In their morning meeting, Will's team discusses Yuri Popovich's criminal activities. "Who cares about Yuri?" Tanya blurts out before asserting that George Boeck should be their focus. Will challenges Tanya to write up her analysis for Spangler.

Katherine's financial advisor, , suggests selling MRQ Alternatives. Katherine phones James Wheeler. "Why would Tom leave me a bad investment two days before he kills himself?" she asks.

"Just get rid of it," James replies.

An increasingly agitated Ed begins calling every hotel in the city and tracks Donald Bloom down at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Will shadows Bloom and follows him to a restaurant. Inside, he sees Kale greet Bloom. When Kale spots Will looking through the window, Will departs.

At lunch, Bloom thanks Kale for connecting him to a job, comments about the complexities of the worldwide operation he’s working on, and reminisces about the days he and Kale spent in Beirut. "We were killing people," says Kale.

"That was half the fun," replies Bloom.

Back at API, Will asks Maggie what she knows about Kale: "Has he ever said anything about David?"

Upstairs in Spangler’s office, Kale asks, "Are you sure that the David Hadas’s loose ends have been neatly tied up?" Spangler assures him they have. After Kale departs, Spangler shreds "The Houston Problem" document.

In the conference room, Tanya tests out her Boeck theory while Miles and Grant act as devil's advocates.

Will asks Hal to search for data connecting Kale and Bloom. The search returns a high-security CIA case file that will trigger an automatic trace, so Will chooses not to open it.

Will runs into Tanya in a stairwell. "You let Grant and Miles slaughter me!" Tanya complains.

"You think Spangler's going to be any easier?" Will asks. Will then tells her that he agrees with her Boeck assessment but suggests that she shouldn't be working there if fear paralyzes her.

Will pays another visit to Ed and finds newspaper clippings, reports, and sticky notes lining his walls. "Dots connected," Ed announces excitedly, before explaining his theory of what connects Donald Bloom, the CIA, Hezbollah, the crossword puzzles, Houston, Beirut, Nigeria, and oil. As his explanation becomes more animated, Will interrupts Ed, falsely telling him that the Donald Bloom staying at the Waldorf is an 18-year-old engineering student, not a spy.

"We have both gone way overboard, and it ends right here, tonight," Will says.

A tearful Ed can only reply, “David was my best friend.”

Mrs. Spangler's charity event is held at a private club. After Will and Katherine cross paths at the bar and introduce themselves, Will wanders through the club. Away from the party, he overhears Spangler say, "If we don't do it, who will?" Will steps into the doorway; Spangler introduces him to James Wheeler and R.C. Gilbert. After Will leaves the room, joins Spangler's group.

"The squalls have been shipped," he says.

Back at the party, Will runs into Kale. "Donald Bloom is an old friend of mine," says Kale. "You saw us having lunch." After Will makes a feeble excuse about why he was at restaurant, Kale says, "I strongly suggest you stick to the analysis side of things. I would hate to see you involved in any mayhem."

The next day, Tanya makes her pitch to Spangler. Spangler gives the okay to drop the investigation of Yuri in favor of focusing on George. After the meeting, Tanya downs some vodka she had stashed in her desk drawer.

Spangler meets in an abandoned building with and Donald Bloom. plays Spangler a recording of Will telling Ed to stop his investigation, then hands Spangler the tape. "Concentrate on Katherine Rhumor," Spangler tells . Spangler, , and Bloom all leave separately as Kale observes them from across the street.

Katherine visits MRQ Alternatives. When she asks what the company does, he informs her the company "used to make clothes." Inside a locked filing cabinet, she finds a press clipping about a college professor named Bradley whose death was ruled a suicide.

That evening at API, Kale shows Will a photo of Boeck with , an Iranian intelligence officer known to supply money to Hezbollah. "Your girl was way ahead of the curve," remarks Kale. “Find out what George is up to before it's too late.” Will informs Kale that that he wants to get Tanya a drug test.

Later that night at his apartment, Will resumes analyzing the conspiracy. Notes and papers are fanned out on his living-room rug. He places a note, "James Wheeler?," beneath another note bearing Spangler's name. Just as he positions another note, "Go Code," he hears a noise. Will listens intently but hears nothing more.


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