Season 1, Episode 3

Keep The Ends Out

Katherine and Wheeler share their grief and confusion over Tom’s suicide. Maggie’s ex husband returns asking forgiveness. David’s son visits Will, leaving him with yet another clue to David’s death.

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Full Recap

As Will walks through Lower Manhattan one Sunday, he sees a stranger who appears to be following him.

Arriving at API, Will greets David's wife, Joan Hadas, who has come to retrieve her husband's belongings. She's never seen his office before. "David always used to say, 'church and state,'" she comments. "I just never knew which one I was."

Back on the street, Joan asks Will to meet with her son, Evan. Though reluctant, Will agrees to. After Joan departs, Will again spots the man he noticed earlier.

Elsewhere, Maggie and her daughter Sophie walk together. "Pumpkin!" a man calls out. "Daddy!" cries Sophie as she jumps into his arms.

Later that week, Katherine lies in bed gazing at a photo of a young Tom at the beach. The phone rings. "I don't like you hating me," says James Wheeler, inviting her to dinner at .

At a team meeting, Miles reports that BND, Germany's intelligence agency, isn't cooperating on the Popovich photo. Tanya has learned that George Boeck is a banker. His mother was German, his father Syrian. Boeck westernized his name while in college. "He's a member of a mosque," says Tanya, "but it's pretty moderate."

"A Russian thug and a German banker -- this isn't really our playground," argues Miles. "We do the Middle East." He hasn't a clue about the identity of the photo's third man, he says.

Will tells Kale that the team needs more time to analyze the photo. Will shouldn't have agreed to Spangler's 24-hour deadline, Kale responds. "He was testing you. You failed." Kale offers to "give BND a nudge."

Outside the office, Maggie informs Kale that Sophie's father just showed up. "Stay away from him," Kale replies. "What if Sophie could have her dad again?" she asks.

Will meets Evan at a café, and the two talk about the mental health treatment center in Vermont where Evan lives. Unlike his mother, Evan remarks, his father never visited. David promised him the Norton motorcycle, says Evan. "I'm his son, not you."

At work, Tanya and Grant hypothesize about Boeck's choice of a first name. "Why not Heinrich, or Georg?" Grant asks. Miles leaves, saying it's to call Berlin. Instead he phones his wife, Maureen, but gets her voicemail.

Will works through the night dismantling the Norton. At daybreak, he pulls some duct tape off the seat cushion. The adhesive side of the tape appears to contain rows of numeric code, and stuffed into the seat is a gun.

At the office the next day, Will tries to interpret the code. Miles views footage of Boeck and his family passing through security at London's Gatwick airport, and stares hard at a sequence of Boeck with his daughter. "Are you okay?" Will asks.

That evening on the way home, Will feels he is being followed once again, and confronts the man. The man punches Will in the stomach and flees.

Back at API, Will's team analyzes Boeck's vacation patterns. "Cruises," says Miles. "Who does that?" Boeck belongs to numerous charitable, business, and other organizations, Miles point out.

Will visits Ed Bancroft to seek help with the numeric code. "David gave me the bike," says Will. "Told me to ride away."

"Maybe a code," Ed replies. "Something you know a lot about."

"Do you think he knew he was gonna die?" Will asks.

"Do you mean, do I think he was murdered?" Ed replies. "Yes."

At a restaurant with Katherine, James denies knowing about Tom's secret townhouse. "What was he up to?" she asks. "True friendship," replies James, "is forgiving someone in ways you would never forgive an acquaintance."

After dinner, James slips into the townhouse. He picks up a framed photo of seven young men at a beach and leaves.

Miles replays the Boeck airport footage. He calls his wife Maureen and tells her he's booked a Mediterranean cruise for her and their children. Maureen rejects the idea, but suggests perhaps he can take the kids later on. When Miles replies that he wants to see her too, Maureen changes the subject.

Evan, meanwhile, comes to Will's apartment to retrieve the Norton. The two men reassemble the bike. His dad actually hated riding it, Evan claims. "I don't think we ever had an honest conversation that wasn't about baseball," he says.

Will rushes to Ed's house. "David knew I hate the Yankees," Will says. Most of the code rows represent the Yankees' World Series wins. The others, Will suspects, refer to people. Ed decodes a row that refers to a pitcher named Travers. "Why did David leave my name in a code?" Will asks. "So you'd know when you'd broken it," Ed replies.

Miles spends the night examining Boeck's financial transactions but finds nothing unusual. Miles initially speculated, for instance, that Boeck had rented a London apartment as a love nest; it turned out to be for a sister who was undergoing chemotherapy. "This guy is a saint," he tells the team. BND has started cooperating, Miles adds, but "they kept asking me what we had."

Kale introduces Will to Special Agent Ryan Farber, who it turns out is the man who has been following him -- he’s a federal agent. "Part of the vetting process for your new security clearance," explains Kale, which has been approved. The next time Will is being followed, Agent Farber recommends, he shouldn't challenge his pursuer.

That night on the street, Will calls Daniel Burns and reads him seven names he'd like run through a database: Jeffrey Garcia, Alfred Bermedez, Randy Hobbs, , , and . As Will speaks, he keeps an eye on a man keeping pace with him across the street.

In his apartment, Will inserts the magazine into the chamber of the gun from the motorcycle.

The man Will observed, , ducks into a laundromat. "He's made me," he admits to , who is waiting inside. "He saw me just now." The FBI has stopped tailing Will, reports. "He had another meeting with Bancroft last night," he says.

The second man makes a call to . "It's Travers," he says. "He's still digging."


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