• Tanya joined API as a member of Will's analysis team. Though bright and competitive, she is a troubled soul who suffers from insecurity and sometimes wonders if she is cut out for intelligence work. After Kale observes Tanya looking pale and haggard, he advises Will to monitor her more closely, and polygraph and drug tests subsequently expose that she has a drug problem. However, instead of being dismissed, she is placed in a rehab program for people in the intelligence community.

  • Lauren Hodges is a veteran of blackbox and regional playhouses, the result of growing up in the theater. She started in show business as an electrician, using her earnings to study acting. After a guest appearance on ER caught the eye of Los Angeles agents, she crossed over into television, turning in a string of memorable guest-starring and recurring roles.

    Recent television credits include In Treatment, Law & Order, and Law & Order: SVU among others. After appearing in several independent features, she recently completed filming her first major studio film, with a small part opposite Michael Kelly and Matt Damon in the George Nolfi-helmed The Adjustment Bureau.

    In 2008, Hodges graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in history. She has lived in New York for five years.

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