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Stan Lee on the Partnership Behind Marvel’s Most Memorable Heroes

“It was incredible to watch him, because it was as though he had already drawn it in his mind and he was tracing what he had imagined,” says Stan Lee, reminiscing about the days he worked with Jack Kirby in this exclusive mini-documentary.

Stan explains how he and Jack worked together, in the process that would later come to be described as the Marvel Method. “He did the work — he did the artwork, I didn’t butt in. I would have an idea for a story, and I would tell Jack what I wanted the plot to be, and then I would leave him alone. And he would draw it — always better than I expected it would be,” Stan explains.

Stan also reminisces about when Jack became a freelancer towards the end of his career. Stan didn’t see Jack as much as when they worked in the office together, and he missed watching him draw.

Hear more about Stan Lee’s thoughts on his partnership with Jack Kirby in this exclusive mini-documentary.

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