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Season 2, Episode 4

New Mexico: White Sands

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Norman and musician Aimee Nash ride from Albuquerque to White Sands, NM, where they ride ziplines, eat chili, and test out government grade weapons.

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Norman Reedus is in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex, two well-known stunt riders. They know all the great riding spots in the desert and have taken Norman to Montessa Park, which is comprised of 577 acres of desert, where Norman has traded in his bike for an ATV. "It's like riding a bull!" he yells while racing through the dirt.

A little while later, Norman hops back on his bike and is ready to find adventure in New Mexico. He meets up with Aimee Nash, a musician in the band The Black Ryder and a friend who loves the road just as much as he does. Norman’s always been fascinated by architecture and today, they’re going to see Antoine Predock, an architect and bike collector. Antoine shows off some of his work and tells stories of travelling and being influenced by the local New Mexican culture. Norman and Aimee are left blown away by his world and the trio head out for a ride together. Antoine points out some scenic views along the way.

Norman and Aimee ask a local for food recommendations and stop by the Owl Café, known for their chili peppers. Over dinner, Norman and Amy reminisce about how they first met at one of Aimee's shows and some of their crazy nights together. Norman reacts to the intense heat of the chilis in his meal, but can't help but eat more.

The next day, the pair head to Ski Apache, the southernmost ski area in the U.S. that houses a 1,700 foot zip line. “We might be riding up, but we're going to be flying down!” Norman says. As they get closer, they're amazed by the amount of snow covering the mountains, something Aimee is not used to seeing as an Australian. After stopping to take in the view for a bit, Aimee recalls Norman's love for wacky costumes and hopes they can dress up in one for fun, but also to use as an extra later of warmth. They find a shop and Aimee opts for a gorilla suit while Norman wears a chicken suit. Norman and Aimee take a ski lift in their costumes and jokingly say goodbye in case they don't make it by down. Aimee gets in her harness first followed right by Norman, and they both sail down the zipline in their costumes.

After ziplining, Norman and Aimee are back on their bikes. They spot a store named Ruidoso with animal skeleton heads in the storefront. It's closed, unfortunately, but they enjoy window shopping nonetheless. They see another shop, Two Bears Trading Post, and meet the owner, who also owns a bike. He shows them around his shop which features taxidermy products and explains how important it is for him to find uses for all parts of animals. Norman buys a jackalope head for Aimee and some obsidian for himself.

Norman and Aimee head to the White Sands missile range, the largest military installation in the country. Once they get there, they watch weapons being tested as well as thermal imaging technology in goggles. They're invited to suit up themselves and shoot at some targets. Norman's mouth drops open when he gets to try out the machine gun. Afterwards, Norman meets some of the soldiers, takes photos and is presented with a pin of appreciation. He recalls the experience of the United Service Organizations tour he took in 2010 and is grateful to thank the servicemen for their work.

After an exhilarating time at the range, the last stop of the trip is the White Sands National Monument where Norman and Aimee ride through the dunes at sunset and waste no time before sledding down the sand – with limited success. They sit for a bit and watch the sun go down and reflect on a magical journey together.