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Season 2, Episode 3

California: Joshua Tree

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Norman Reedus rides from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, visits friends including Greg Nicotero, and explores Southern California's hidden gems.

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Norman Reedus is in California and ready to hit up a few friends in all corners of town. The trip will start in Hollywood and end in Joshua Tree.

First up is a visit to his friend Yaniv Evan's motorcycle shop, Powerplant. The guys catch up and Yaniv introduces Norman to some of his employees. Afterwards, the group goes for a ride and Yaniv lets Norman ride one of his bikes – something Norman can't pass up. A few of the guys show off their tricks on the road and they all head to one of Yaniv's favorite spots to take a breather and enjoy the unbeatable view.

Norman sets out to visit a place he's been dying to go to – The Ramones Ranch, where Johnny Ramone's legacy lives on. There, he meets Linda Ramone and enjoys a tour of the eccentric home as well as stories of Linda’s rock-and-roll adventures and late nights in New York.

It's been a long day, but Norman can't leave town before seeing Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer and Special Effects Makeup Designer on The Walking Dead and one of Norman's closest friends. Norman admires Greg's office and all of the undead oddities and show props laying around. Greg recounts his experience working in an operating room and how its informed his work today, then takes Norman to see more of the studio. "This is like a fun house!" Norman exclaims. Norman runs into a figure of his own self and can't help but take a selfie with it.

After some rest, Norman continues his ride east and meets up with Chris Richardson, a bike builder who owns LA Speed Shop and who built one of Norman's bikes. Chris joins Norman on a ride to the next stop in Downey, where they meet up with Sen Dog from the hip hop group Cypress Hill. Sen Dog introduces the guys to fellow members of the Cypress Hillbilies, an exclusive club he's a part of. The guys kick it for a bit and Norman receives a club shirt before joining the group for a ride.

Norman and Chris go to the Museum of Pinball. It’s a place that only opens its doors a few times a year for gaming competitions, but Norman is getting an exclusive tour of the vintage arcade where he tries his hand at a couple rounds of pinball and other classics. Chris thanks Norman for a fun day and the two part ways.

Norman recharges in Palm Springs through the night and is back on his bike bright and early the next day to head towards Joshua Tree. He makes it to the desert and meets up with Gwen Barker and Eric Dean, who ditched the 9-5 way of living a to pursue a new life together on a ranch in the desert. Norman's never ridden this far east, but the pair can't wait to show him the Noah Purifoy outdoor museum, which Norman immediately compares to a David Lynch movie. Afterwards, they head out to the couple's home on Rimrock Ranch and meet their dessert family and friends. Eric shows Norman his Ford GT40 replica of the original car that he built himself and even lets him take it for a spin. "You're going to have to leave your girlfriend. I'm about to propose to you!" Norman jokes. As the sun sets, a local band called The Shrine rocks out. At the end of the night, the crowd roasts marshmallows and praises their community before presenting Norman with two hats – one of which Eric says must be earned. Norman is pleased to have taken a ride he’ll never forget. "I'm coming back!" he promises.