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Season 2, Episode 2

Lowcountry With Dave Chappelle

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Norman and comedian Dave Chappelle ride from Charleston to Savannah, stopping along the way to experience the culture and history of Lowcountry.

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Norman Reedus is in Charleston, S.C., one of America's oldest cities, and he's ready to explore.

First on the agenda is a stop at Carmella's for a cappuccino, where he meets up with Dave Chapelle, who Norman refers to as a "legend." Dave recalls spotting Norman in New York City and asking to ride with him. Dave also mentions taking up riding after a mid-life crisis. He hasn't been on his bike in quite some time and is ready to hit the road. Outside, a crowd waits to take some selfies with the guys.

The guys head out of town to the salt marshes to harvest oysters and pay a visit to Bowens Island Restaurant, located right on the water. They suit up and ditch their bikes for a boat and after a few lessons, the guys get their hands dirty and get to digging for oysters. After they have enough for a meal, they head back to the restaurant to enjoy their catch.

After lunch, it's time to hit the road again. The guys meet Sully Sullivan, a local photographer and biker, at his eccentric studio. Norman and Sully bond over their photography work and Dave sits down and effortlessly poses for a portrait. Later, Sully takes them for drinks at a dive bar named The Royal American to end the night.

The next day, Norman reflects on his day with Dave in Charleston. "Nothing brings two guys together like being knee-deep in mud and then throwing a few back," he says. Now, it's time to head to the scenic St. Helena Island, but the guys have food on the brain and, fortunately, arrive in the sea islands just in time for lunch. They stop at Gullah Grub for some authentic Southern cuisine and talk to the owners about the local Gullah culture, which was born out of communities of people who are descendants of enslaved Africans. The owners recommend the guys visit Penn Center, the first school for freed slaves.

Norman and Dave take a tour of Penn Center and take some time to acknowledge the historic grounds. Dave mentions his great-grandfather, who was a legislator in South Carolina during the Reconstruction Era. The tour guide gives the guys a quick lesson in Gullah language before they leave.

That evening, the guys make their way to Savannah, Ga., where Norman shot a movie a few years ago. The next morning, Dave sleeps in while Norman visits Graveface, a shop full of records, taxidermy creations and oddities. After Norman holds an actual human skull and views a pair of framed sweatpants that allegedly belonged to Charles Manson, he picks the brain of the shop owner who says Savannah is "the best possible place for anything bizarre."

Soon, Dave arrives and the guys go check out a vintage bike shop. They learn that Savannah was the first city to have a U.S. Grand Prix in 1908. "A birthplace of racing," Dave notes. The guys are fortunate enough to get on the Hutchinson Island race track where they enjoy several laps and turns.

Back on the road, rain starts pouring down and Dave and Norman seek shelter under an overpass and chat. When the road is clear again, the guys head back into town for a standup show Dave is headlining.

The Wormhole club is the last stop of the trip. Norman grabs a seat in the crowd and enjoys watching Dave in his element. Dave gives Norman a shot-out from stage. “We will ride again!” he promises.