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Season 2, Episode 1

Spain With Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Norman and his The Walking Dead castmate Jeffrey Dean Morgan ride through Spain starting in Barcelona and ending at the Falles festival in Valencia.

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“All my life, people have said I was crazy," Norman Reedus says, "but crossing the pond and taking a ride with Negan himself – Jeffrey Dean Morgan – might be my most insane idea yet."

Norman predicts his upcoming adventures with his The Walking Dead co-star in the streets of Spain will be “pure unadulterated chaos” and describes the country itself as “a land where the exuberance of its people is matched only by the magnificence of your surroundings."

Norman recounts his first visit to Spain, over 20 years ago, where he spent a year immersed in the culture. Now, he's in Barcelona after all this time for a The Walking Dead press tour and to host an art exhibit in the city. Also on the agenda is to meet up with an "old friend" for a Spanish-style breakfast.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes swerving over and Norman admires his bike, a small Brixton that he got in Barcelona. It's Jeffrey's first time in Barcelona and Norman takes him to eat at Granja M. Viader where they chat about the craziness of their recent press junket and chow down on cured ham. "This is why you come to Barcelona!" Jeffrey declares.

After breakfast, the guys meet up with Norman’s buddies, Marcos and Ramon, who show the guys around town. The tour includes some architecture and mosaic street art sightings and a stop at a market to try some peculiar foods like fresh sea urchin. A couple of fans spot Norman and Jeffrey and snap photos until a herd eventually surrounds them both. The duo makes it to their bikes and they wave goodbye to the crowd.

It's time to explore the rest of the city. On the streets, the guys admire Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Família, a church that was started in the 19th century and won't be finished until 2026. The group makes their way up a windy road to take in a bird’s-eye view of the city. Afterwards, it's time for Norman and Jeffrey to try the best food in town -- "My mom's place," Ramon says. At Ramon's family home, the group enjoys a traditional tapas-style lunch, some laughs and a discussion of the city's history. Norman notes that the locals are very touchy and they've been kissed a lot since being here.

Soon, it's time for Norman and Jeffrey to say goodbye to Barcelona and set out for Sitges, where they walk around and try to find Norman's old apartment. The streets look different, but Norman remembers his experience there and the relaxing period in his life.

On the highway, Jeffrey books it on his little Brixton and declares it a personal win when he clocks 113 mph. The guys see a sign for La Cantera, a biker bar, and decide to stop and check it out. They fit right in and meet Pepe, one of the co-owners of the spot. After bonding with their people, the guys hit the road once more and head south to Valencia for a festival that Jeffrey describes as "Burning Man meets really good food and the 4th of July."

The guys make it to Valencia, Spain's third largest city, in time for the Las Fallas de Valencia festival, but first they meet up with Alicia Sornosa, the first Spanish woman to ride a motorcycle across the world. The trio rides into the heart of the city to enjoy all the festival has to offer. Giant floats and costumed locals fill the streets and the guys watch an exhilarating fireworks display.

After the festival, Norman and Jeffrey are still pumped from the high energy and pick up some fireworks for later. They find themselves chased through the streets by fans yet again before making it to a restaurant to enjoy some paella. The guys are so hungry, they don't care that a crowd has formed outside to watch them eat. In fact, they toast to the crowd and to the fun they've had on their unforgettable trip.

That evening, it's time for a proper sendoff. Jeffrey's wife and son meets up with the guys and they shoot their fireworks into the night sky.