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Season 1, Episode 6

The Keys With Peter Fonda

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Norman hooks up with Peter Fonda for a ride down to The Keys. They check out some unique bikes, and meet some unique people.

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Norman Reedus is stoked to be taking a ride through the Florida Keys with Peter Fonda, the legendary actor whose film Easy Rider first inspired Norman to start riding motorcycles. He refers to Peter as "Captain America himself" and considers Peter one of his all-time heroes.

In Naples, Fla., Norman and Peter grab food at Joe's Diner and reminisce about filming the The Boondocks Saints sequel together. Norman hops on his Triumph Tiger 800 XC, while Peter rides a Thunderbird Storm, and the guys hit the road together.

The first stop on the trip is Tamiami Tyrants, a shop owned by brothers Tyler and Bryan Mullins who deal exclusively with rare vintage Harleys. The brothers make a suggestion for where to eat and show Norman and Peter the way.

In Ochopee, the guys arrive at Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe and pose for photos before chowing down on some fried frog legs and alligator. An employee recommends the guys pay a visit to a photographer named Lucky Cole. Later that evening, the guys meet Lucky and his wife Maureen at their compound and admire Lucky's wall of pinup model portraits.

The next day, Norman and Peter make it to Miami and meet Bruce McQuiston, an artist who uses his passion for sculpture to create unique bike designs. Norman tests out one of Bruce's creations on the streets of Miami. He rides it to Bruce's home for lunch where the guys use one of Bruce's devices to crack open stone crab claws. Norman deems Bruce a "motorcycle Picasso."

After leaving Bruce's place, it's time for the guys to island-hop until they end up in Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States. Although it's a place Peter Fonda once called home, he's never gotten the chance to ride the Keys until now. After riding across what seems like an endless coastal highway, the guys make it into Key West and hit the town together.

Norman picks up a new hat at Hog's Breath Saloon before heading to Rodriguez Cigar Factory where he learns how to roll a cigar. Outside, a group of The Walking Dead fans excitedly spot Norman and take selfies with him.

The next day, the guys eat at Hogfish Bar & Grill before getting back on their bikes. After two days and 333 miles on the road, the guys ride toward Mile Marker 0 and reach a pier that marks the literal end of the road in the United States. On the pier, Peter introduces Norman to his old friend Dink, who Peter nicknames the King of Conch City. Peter flies a kite that Dink brought him and shares fond memories of flying kites with his children. The guys fish for a bit before going for drinks at Salute, where Dink has a drink named after him. The trio toast to each other and Norman listens to Dink and Peter's stories from their younger days.

As the trip comes to an end, Norman reflects on his journey. He admits he wanted to be Peter Fonda in Easy Rider while growing up and says his trip with him was "the next best thing." He thanks Peter for sharing Key West with him, as they head across the Seven Mile Bridge and out of the Keys. "Life is a journey," Norman says. "It's not about where you end up. It's how you get there and who you choose to ride with. That's what matters."