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Season 1, Episode 4

Texas: Twisted Sisters

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Norman meets a friend in Austin before hooking up with Robert Rodriguez and hitting Hill Country to discover the real Texas.

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Norman Reedus praises the state of Texas for its independent spirit that draws in "people who just don't play by the rules." With a few days off, he plans to make the most of his free time by exploring with Jake Lamagno, a New York-based artist and former pro skater, on their first ride together.

Norman sets out on a custom Triumph Tiger 800SCX and meets Jake at Pump Project, a local gallery and art collective, where Jake uses mixed media to create homemade targets to shoot at later. Jakes hits the road with Norman - his first time riding outside of New York City - on a 1977 vintage Sportster. Their first stop is Limey Bikes, a shop known for its exclusive work on vintage Japanese bikes. When the guys get ready to leave, Jake's battery dies and the shop owners Elijah and Chris are able to bring it back to life.

Norman and Jake head across town to Troublemaker Studios to meet Robert Rodriguez, the director of two of Norman's favorite films - El Mariachi and Sin City. The guys admire Robert's studio and get a behind-the-scenes look at the set of From Dusk Till Dawn. Norman also gets to sit on the legendary Jesse James bike that was built for Grindhouse. Later, the guys chow down on tacos and Robert shares his love for his hometown of San Antonio. "I want to be you when I grow up!" Norman declares.

That night, Norman and Jake sit down for a drink with the members of The Well, one of Norman's favorite bands, and enjoy a show.

The next morning, Norman and Jake head further west. Though Norman has always thought of Texas as flat terrain, he's amazed by the hills they come across as they ride through Hill Country on Ranch Road 336, one of the three stretches that make up the Twisted Sisters route. "Now this is Texas," Norman says.

The guys reach Leakey and stop for a bite to eat at The Hog Pen, a no-frills barbeque joint. Norman is delighted to take a photo with a fan for her birthday. "Sunglasses off so everybody knows it's for real!" she says. Another fan stops Norman to show off his "Aequitas" tattoo, a nod to the brothers in Boondock Saints, and mentions his own brother's complementary "Veritas" tattoo.

Norman and Jake continue riding the Twisted Sisters and make it to San Antonio. They pay a visit to a gun range called A Place to Shoot, but before they get to shooting, they whip out a couple of spray paint cans and finish designing their homemade targets. The guys first take a lesson in hitting various objects and then shoot old West-style guns at their own targets.

Norman and Jake head downtown to meet up with Colt Wrangler, a custom bike builder, at his shop. Along the way, Norman notices how small the Alamo is just like Robert promised. Colt introduces Norman to a game called Chicken Sh-t Bingo, where a player picks a number and hopes that a chicken defecates on the corresponding square of an enlarged bingo board. Norman admires Colt's individuality as he shares his process for salvaging parts for his bikes.

The next day, Jake thanks Norman as their trip comes to an end. "The Texas I found on this ride really is the one I've always dreamed of," Norman says.