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Season 1, Episode 2

Death Valley: Dante’s View

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Balthazar Getty and Norman Reedus spend a night in Las Vegas and then ride out to Death Valley, enjoying the epic scenery.

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Norman Reedus describes Las Vegas as "an adrenaline rush just waiting to happen" and compares the thrill of the city to the same rush he gets from riding on his bike. Though he's traveled all over the world ñ from London to New York to Los Angeles to Tokyo he's never made it out to the desert.

When Norman's longtime friend Balthazar Getty, a fellow actor and the great-grandson of the founder of Getty Oil, invites Norman to ride out to Death Valley with him, Norman responds with an eager "Hell yeah!" Before they head out, they want to spend 24 hours finding adventure in Vegas. Their first stop is one of Balthazar's favorite spots: the classic Peppermill restaurant, which is featured in films such as Casino and Showgirls.

Norman and Balthazar hop on matching red Ducati Multistrada 1200s and pay a visit to Sosa Metal Works on the outskirts of town. They meet Christian Sosa, the owner of the custom metal works shop, and they learn buyers wait a year for one of Christian's beloved custom bikes. Christian supervises Norman as he pounds a piece of metal on a machine. "Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend," Norman says.

That night, the casino lights on the Las Vegas strip come to life, and Norman can't resist stopping by to see an advertised zombie burlesque show. After the show, Norman takes photos with the performers, one of whom mentions their producer's love for The Walking Dead.

The next morning, Norman and Balthazar head west on route 160. They make a pit stop at Mountain Springs Saloon for some barbeque and try their hand at the digital Blackjack tables there. A man offers his daughter's phone number to Norman, but Norman settles on buying their dinner with his Blackjack winnings instead.

Norman and Balthazar make it to a town called Pahrump, where they ditch their Ducatis for dirt bikes and take advantage of the copious sand. Norman needs to brush up on his skills first and Balthazar enlists the help of Jimmy Lewis, a motorcycle legend who runs an off-road riding school. The trio gear up and hit the trails on brand-new Yamaha WRs. Norman has trouble popping a wheelie, but accompanies Jimmy on the back of his bike while Jimmy demonstrates how to do it. Norman cites knee chafing from his pads and decides to drop his pants for a minute, but it doesn't keep him from riding the desert full-throttle into the sunset.

Norman and Balthazar return to their Ducatis. It's finally time to head to Death Valley. They ride to the Furnace Creek Inn to crash before riding into the heart of the desert in the morning. Nina Kaplan, Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis from Babes Ride Out, an all-female bike collective, come along for the ride on Harley Sportsters and a Triumph Bonneville T100.

The group plans to take Artist's Drive until they reach their destination: Dante's View. While riding through the vast landscape of peaks and dunes, Norman exclaims, "it's so wild west out here!" When the group stops to admire their surroundings, Norman says he finally understands why people love the desert.

The group reaches Dante's View, which overlooks one of the lowest points in North America, a salt flat basin that's 282 feet below sea level. They deem it the perfect backdrop for a group photo. "Don't anybody step backwards," Norman warns as they pose. After riding a total of 125 miles from Las Vegas, Norman sits down and admires the unbelievable scene around him. "I just popped my desert cherry," he says.

After the sun sets, the group builds a campfire and looks up at the perfect view of the moon and the stars.