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Meaww Pays Tribute to Eugene; High-Def Digest Applauds Preacher‘s Conclusion

This week, Meaww pays tribute to Eugene, while High-Def Digest applauds Preacher‘s conclusion. Plus, 25YL says it’s going to miss the show. Read on for more:

Meaww decides “to pay ode to Eugene” because he “was the most moral and decent person on Preacher.”

High-Def Digest decides that the Series Finale “makes a very satisfying conclusion. It provides closure for all the characters, wraps up all the storylines in an acceptable manner, and even offers a few answers for some of the greatest mysteries in the universe – all while doling out plenty of the show’s patented lunacy.”

• “I’m going to miss the hell out of this show,” 25YL laments, observing that the second half of the Series Finale was “oozing with love for the characters we have spent the last four years with. It treated them all with respect and dignity, not jumping at any easy jokes or low-hanging fruit.”

Screen Rant, observing that “true to form, the closing episode was a conveyor belt of religious shocks, inappropriately funny gore and (semi) emotional goodbyes,” takes stock of “all of the similarities and differences between Preacher‘s TV and comic book endings.”

Forward remarks that the Series Finale had a scene where “the Galilean rabbi strangles the Führer to death. And he does so while affirming — make no mistake about it — that he’s one of ours.”

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