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Preacher Q&A — Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy)

Joseph Gilgun, who plays Cassidy on Preacher, talks about his character’s connections to Tulip and Jesse, the effect of Cassidy’s backstory and how Hannibal Lecter worked his way into the show.

Q: In Episode 1, Tulip kisses Cassidy. Is that a dream? What was your reaction when you read that moment?

A: I felt like it was a very sweet moment for Cassidy. He’s loved Tulip for a long time and this time she kissed him.

Q: Cassidy and Jesse just can’t seem to get back to what their friendship once was. Do you think Cassidy wants Jesse as a friend anymore?

A: I think deep down the two are meant to be brothers and, despite Cassidy’s envy for Jesse and Jesse’s frustration, their lives do seem to be intertwined. Cass loves Jesse; he just doesn’t like him very much.

Q: Cassidy is inside Masada, a prisoner. Why does he choose to stay when Jesse and Tulip rescue him?

A: Cassidy doesn’t want to be another reason why Jesse is a hero. Like a teenager struggling with his parents for independence, he wants to show that he can do this alone.

Q: Toscani has really gotten Cassidy’s number. Why do his comments — that Cassidy believes he deserves this bad luck — stick with him?

A: This will make sense as the series moves on. Cassidy carries a lot of guilt from his past, especially the hours before being bitten and changed into a vampire. [Toscani], albeit a psychopath, can see this in him. It almost hurts more than the circumcisions. It’s a miniature breakthrough for both characters.

Q: We get a little glimpse into Cassidy’s backstory. How has this impacted who he has become?

A: Cassidy feels overwhelmed with guilt, that when push came to shove he couldn’t save his friend. This was the catalyst for what was to become 150 years of hitting the self destruct button.

Q: Cassidy is on his way to Bensonhurst. Do we see a Hannibal Lecter reference?

A: Yes! I would imagine Hannibal was used as inspiration. I was lucky enough to have velcro straps and the art department kindly made it as comfortable as possible, complete with foam padding and enough space to talk a little. Big thanks for that.

Q: What did it feel like to bring this series to a close?

A: It’s bittersweet calling an end to this four year journey, the traveling, the people. I feel I’ve grown as a human being and I owe it all to the show. I’ll truly miss playing Cassidy. I’ve got a lot of great memories. I’m grieving the loss as we speak. Big love to all the cast and all the crews we’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t have hoped to have been in better company.

Q: What’s the wildest scene from this series, in your opinion?

A: Very difficult question. Probably when I was dismembered in the hallway, and Jesse finds me and tries to help. It was a difficult emotional scene to film and Dominic [Cooper], the director and all the crew were really thoughtful. Crying on camera can be difficult; the conditions need to be right. The crew had a lot to do and stayed as quiet as possible throughout. When I think about that, it still moves me. They weren’t just work colleagues, they were my friends.

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