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Bleeding Cool Previews Next Episode; Mark Harelik Talks Playing God With Meaww

This week, Bleeding Cool previews the next episode, while Mark Harelik talks to Meaww about playing God. Plus, Den of Geek is impressed by the chemistry between Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun. Read on for more:

Bleeding Cool previews the next episode, “The Lost Apostle,” where viewers get a look at the negotiations between Jesus and Hitler and are reminded “that God’s plan’s moving ahead no matter what they agree upon in the end.”

• Mark Harelik tells Meaww, “God is fulfilling a plan, and he is also developing a new plan. At the conclusion of the first plan, the second plan will be implemented. It will require the cooperation of all the major characters, none of whom are in the least disposed to cooperate.”

• Reviewing the latest episode, Den of Geek observes that Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun’s chemistry is “as solid as ever. In the one brief moment of the two of them riding in the car together, their obvious fit and connection explains why the two of them on a long road trip is much less trying than a similar long road trip with Jesus.”

Flickering Myth says Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper are “so perfectly cast that often you take it for granted just how well they work together” and that Graham McTavish, Ian Colletti and Noah Taylor “play their pitch perfect part in this frenetic acid flashback which uses tone, narrative and structure without appearing to apply any rules.”

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