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Preacher Q&A — Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Executive Producers)

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, executive producers of AMC’s Preacher, discuss why Season 3 becomes more “bonkers” than ever, how the show is syncing up more with the comic, and why Angelville is Jesse’s worst nightmare.

Q: Preacher has always been a bold show, but how do you think the show raises the stakes as it’s heading into Season 3?

Evan Goldberg: This season just goes insane, relative to the ones before. Everything just got way crazier. The first half, on an emotional level, goes deeper than it did before, and the second half just becomes bonkers. I think another big thing is we’ve synced up with the comic a lot more because we shifted around the show in the beginning. The first season was kind of like a prelude and now they’re syncing up more. As fans of the comic, it’s going to be more satisfying as you see a lot more of your favorite characters and more of them happening more quickly.

Seth Rogen: It has more characters, each with more crazy stories and each upping the stakes in more exciting ways. It just gets more and more exciting in every way.

Q: Some of the advertising leading up to the season has warned people not to watch this show. How did you guys land on that concept?

EG: The show, like the comic, inherently pushes boundaries and plays with the concept of what is right or wrong in this structure of this entire universe. That is what Preacher’s kind of about. This show is pushing the limits of what we find acceptable and playing around with why things are and aren’t okay, and why there’s good and bad.

SR: And we literally were protested, so it’d be nice if people didn’t watch the show if they were easily offended. [Laughs]

EG: It’s just fair warning. [Laughs]

Q: How does Jesse and Cassidy being at odds over Tulip change the dynamic of the core trio this season?

EG: Last season, there was a divide between Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. This season is very different. Jesse wasn’t really paying attention to his friends last season. This season, [they’re] all he cares about because he understands they’re in a new dangerous situation in going back to where he grew up, but they don’t understand the threat.

Q: What does it mean for Jesse to go back to Angelville and face the literal and metaphorical demons he left behind there? Does that place bring out the worst in him?

EG: I think it’s his worst nightmare pretty much. Until this season, you don’t really understand what a messed-up place he came from. He essentially grew up with a family from a scary film, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s messed-up, weird family. For the people he cares about to be brought into this place that’s the source of all the pain in his life and death in his family is the worst possible thing that can ever happen to him.

Q: What’s it been like to see Gran’ma, Jody and T.C. come to life this season? How do the characters compare to their comic-book counterparts?

EG: It’s awesome and kind of scary. You don’t want to get it wrong. They’re a little different from the comics, but they’re pretty similar to the comics. I think we struck the right balance. Seeing them in the final cut is pretty thrilling. No doubt, they are still the same characters from the comics at the core, which is fun. We had to invent a bunch of characters in Season 1 and in Season 2. It’s a lot better to just use these incredible characters that Garth [Ennis] created.

SR: And Allfather was a character I was a big fan of, so seeing him come into the show…the Grail is the stuff I like the best. It’s always exciting when you get to finally see that stuff manifested.

Q: Speaking of the Grail, how big of an influence will they have on Jesse & Co. this season?

SR: The Grail has Jesse’s soul going into the season and he can’t use the Word without his soul. He’s in a situation where the Grail has something he needs, so he has to work with them to some degree.

Q: Without spoiling too much, what’s the craziest set piece you’re looking forward to sharing in Season 3?

EG: All the juicy stuff can’t be said! I can say that I liked when they go to Osaka. There’s an adventure to Osaka for a heist that is kind of Ocean’s 8-ish. That’s one of my favorites.

Q: What do you most want fans to know about what they can expect this season?

SR: That it’s f—cking great!

EG: And if you’re not easily offended, it’s highly enjoyable. If you are easily offended, tell your friends who aren’t to watch Preacher.

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