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Seth Rogen Discusses Season 2 With Variety; EW Chats With Ruth Negga

This week, Seth Rogen discusses Season 2 with Variety, while Entertainment Weekly gets the scoop from Ruth Negga. Plus, Deadline features art for the new season. Read on for more:

• Discussing Season 2, Seth Rogen tells Variety there’s “much less pressure now knowing that we are getting into stuff that A: is just more exciting for us to be executing, and B: if you’re a fan of the comics it’s more of the stuff you’ve been waiting to see.”

• Ruth Negga teases to Entertainment Weekly that Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy “need a focus, and the focus becomes New Orleans, unfortunately for my character, Tulip, because she has history there.”

• Ahead of the June 25 Season 2 premiere, Deadline spotlights new images featuring Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy.

Bloody Disgusting and Flickering Myth also check out the images.

IGN interviews Dominic Cooper, who says that, in Season 2, “things are much more hectic and ever-changing. Evolving as we visit new landscapes and areas. It lends itself to the madness of our inner psychology, I suppose.”

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