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USA Today, Yahoo Debut Photos; Movie Pilot Lauds Joe Gilgun

This week, USA Today and Yahoo TV debut Preacher photos, while Movie Pilot is a fan of Joe Gilgun. Plus, Minneapolis will get the first pop-up fan screening. Read on for more:

USA Today, debuting new show photos, asserts that if Preacher is faithful “to the source material, it might reach a new level of TV violence that’ll make The Walking Dead look like Strawberry Shortcake.”

• “Well, don’t they look like an interesting bunch?” asks Yahoo TV as it posts exclusive images from Preacher.

Movie Pilot asserts that Joe Gilgun’s Cassidy is “a character that will put this show over the top and that’s mainly due to Gilgun’s fantastic performance.”

• Minneapolis’ Star Tribune reports that the first Preacher pop-up screening will take place at the city’s Uppercut Boxing Gym on Apr. 30.

The Week recommends watching Preacher, commenting that “an early screening of the pilot left fans buzzing that the series had arrived on the small screen, rather remarkably, with all that adults-only storytelling intact.”

Inverse says Preacher “continues to look absolutely bonkers and the ad campaign is not shying away from the sort of craziness that fans are expecting from the TV adaptation.”

Entertainment Weekly jumps in with its own set of photos and notes the show is based on a “much-loved and highly strange comic.” is convinced that Preacher‘s creative team “has delivered the best kind of adaptation; one that honors the source material without becoming beholden to it.”

IGN also has new photos from the series, of Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ian Colletti as the disfigured Eugene Root AKA ‘Arseface’ and W. Earl Brown as his father, Sheriff Hugo Root.

Movie Pilot contends that Preacher is “going to be the next great show for AMC and that is mainly due to the outstanding cast of characters the series brings along with it.”

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