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Bad Composer Joins Preacher; Jackie Earle Haley Books Six-Episode Arc

This week, Breaking Bad‘s composer signs up for Preacher, while Jackie Earle Haley books a six-episode arc. Plus, Moviepilot is eager for the Preacher adaptation. Read on for more:

Breaking Bad‘s composer, Dave Porter, has signed on to compose original music for Preacher, The Hollywood Reporter says.

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackie Earle Haley will play Odin Quincannon in a six-episode arc on Preacher.

Moviepilot declares that Preacher is “coming along at the perfect time, poised to be a monster hit for AMC. It’s the next step along the path of what’s possible with comic book and graphic novel adaptations…”

• “Violent, perverse, and enormous in scale with a story that dips back to the beginning of Biblical time, Preacher is as likely to stir controversy as it is to find a Walking Dead-sized audience,” GamesRadar predicts.

Tech Insider surmises that the Preacher adaptation “may be even more shocking (and possibly offensive) than even the most violent parts of The Walking Dead.”

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