Season 3, Episode 10

The Light Above

Jesse returns home for what he hopes is the last time but angers Starr and endangers Cassidy in the process; Tulip battles hell and Nazis.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, young Jesse prays in his room. God quietly watches him.

Jesse asks Gran’ma if he can take a night off to see a girl that he knew in Texas. Gran’ma reminds him that she is the only family he has left after she killed both of his parents. She mocks Jesse for being too afraid of Hell to kill her.

Jesse drinks in the kitchen. Satan watches him.

Jesse starts to swing a bat at Gran’ma while she sleeps. She wakes up and wonders what his father would say. Jesse storms out.

Young Jesse strides out of Angelville and crosses paths with older Jesse. “You should have killed her,” old Jesse tells young Jesse. “Now’s your chance,” says young Jesse.

In the present, T.C. stops Jesse at gunpoint as he enters Gran’ma’s kitchen. Jesse uses the Word of God to force T.C. to shoot himself in the foot.

Jody stops Jesse in the hallway. Jesse proposes they take it to the Tombs.

The Saint of Killers and Sydney exit the overturned Hell bus and stride toward the Nazi tank. Rick emerges from the tank with a crew of armed neo-Nazis. Rick threatens to kill them if they don’t release Hitler.

Gunfire breaks out on the road. Inside the bus, Eugene fights Hitler as he tries to escape. Tulip fights a neo-Nazi.

The Saint and Sydney massacre the neo-Nazis. Back on the bus, Tulip kills more neo-Nazis.

Sydney taunts the Saint about the crows that pecked at his dead daughter’s eyes. The tank rolls over the Saint.

Eugene punches Hitler, knocking him out.

The Saint lies pinned underneath the tank. Tulip and Eugene escape the bus but Sydney captures Tulip with her whip. The Saint grabs his knife and tampers with the underside of the tank.

The tank fires at Tulip. God freezes the scene, stopping the bullet mid-air and saving Tulip.

Eccarius finds the members of Les Enfants du Sang moping in Mrs. Rosen’s kitchen. He assures them that there is still hope for Cassidy.

In the basement, Eccarius implores Cassidy to join his vampire-killing spree and reminds him of all the pleasures in life that he would be missing out on. Cassidy relents.

God offers to bless the O’Hare name if Tulip agrees to tell Jesse to stop looking for him. He emphasizes that Genesis must not interfere with his Great Design. Tulip rejects his offer. God warns her that Cassidy is in danger.

God unfreezes the scene on the road. The Saint attacks Sydney and gouges out her eyes.

Jesse and Jody fight in the Tombs.

Cassidy and Eccarius share a drink.

Eccarius returns to the kitchen and announces that Cassidy has repented. He calls for a blood ceremony. Mrs. Rosen volunteers.

Jesse and Jody keep fighting. In a flashback, it’s revealed that Jody was the man who shot Jesse’s father. Jesse repeatedly bashes Jody’s head into the wall then orders T.C. to get some gasoline. Jody tells Jesse that he’s proud of him, then falls over dead.

Mrs. Rosen lies on the table for the blood ceremony. Cassidy suggests he and Eccarius bite Mrs. Rosen together.

Cassidy and Eccarius lean over Mrs. Rosen. Eccarius notices that she’s already been bitten. Cassidy reveals that Mrs. Rosen called 87 of Eccarius’s “flown children” and didn’t hear back from any of them. He explains that he turned Mrs. Rosen, who then turned everyone else. The group corners Eccarius and devours him.

T.C. douses Jody’s body with gasoline. Jesse allows T.C. to live but T.C. decides to die at Angelville, saying he has nowhere else to go. Jesse flicks his cigarette on the gasoline-soaked ground.

Jesse texts Tulip that he is going to kill Gran’ma. He heads over to the main house as the Tombs burn behind him.

Jesse brings the briefcase of souls to Gran’ma then uses the W.O.G. to order her to release him from his debt and to also release Tulip. Gran’ma obeys. Jesse vows to kill her. Gran’ma reveals that she made a new deal with Satan that if Jesse kills her, he will go to Hell when he dies. Rather than kill Gran’ma, Jesse commands her to destroy all the souls in the briefcase. She sobs as she throws them in the fire.

Jesse starts to leave Angelville. Young Jesse appears beside him and remarks that it doesn’t feel like victory.

Jesse straps Gran’ma to her soul-stealing machine. She reminds him that he will burn in Hell. He ignores her and flips on the switch, killing her.

Jesse stands in the foyer with a gasoline can.

The members of Les Enfants du Sang ask Cassidy what they should do next. Cassidy tells them to do whatever they want.

Tulip calls Cassidy while driving to New Orleans and asks if he’s in danger. He assures her that he’s safe now. Hoover enters the basement. Everyone applauds.

Hoover tells Cassidy that he quit the Grail. He gives Cassidy an umbrella and tells him to open it, then opens his own umbrella. A second later, a Grail helicopter attacks Mrs. Rosen’s house and removes the roof. Sunlight floods the exposed basement, killing everyone in Les Enfants du Sang. A dart hits Cassidy, knocking him out. Starr and Featherstone stand at the edge of the pit that was formerly Mrs. Rosen’s basement.

Tulip arrives at Mrs. Rosen’s demolished house. Kevin and Mrs. Rosen, who managed to hide in coffins, tell her that Cassidy was kidnapped by a man and woman dressed in white.

The Saint brings Eugene and Hitler to Satan. Sydney gives the Saint’s guns back to him. Satan realizes that the preacher that the Saint is hunting down is the same preacher from his new deal with Gran’ma. The Saint turns his gun on Satan and demands to know whose idea it was for the crows to peck his daughter’s eyes. Satan reveals it was God’s idea. The Saint shoots Satan dead then leaves with Eugene.

Hitler settles into Satan’s seat. Sydney offers to bring him plum cake.

It dawns on Eugene that Jesse, the man who sent him to Hell, is still alive.

Tulip picks up Jesse at Angelville. They drive off together.

Cassidy huddles in a small cell in Masada.

Starr stands on a balcony carved into a mountain in Masada and remarks that his favorite torturer is flying in. He knocks Hoover’s umbrella hat off his head, exposing Hoover to the sun and burning him to death. Starr tells Featherstone that he is abandoning his plan to make Jesse his Messiah. Instead, he plans to torture and kill Jesse.