Season 3, Episode 9


Divided and trapped, Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy battle old friends, new enemies and loved ones to escape certain death - or worse.

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Full Recap

Dr. Slotnick injects Humperdoo with the effective DNA cocktail. Jesse reveals that Starr planted a gun in his pocket so that he could kill the Allfather. The Allfather confiscates the gun. Jesse asks to be untied so that he can bow before God before dying.

The Allfather releases Jesse from the gurney in handcuffs. Jesse stumbles into the Allfather then prays on his knees. The Allfather pushes the detonator and gets jolted by the shock sensor, which Jesse secretly placed on the Allfather when he stumbled. Jesse injects the Allfather with one of the bad DNA cocktails and pushes the detonator. Genesis passes into the Allfather, causing him to explode, then jumps back into Jesse.

Featherstone, the Angel of Death, the Saint of Killers, Eugene and Hitler wait for the Hell shuttle. As they board the shuttle, Tulip walks up to the Angel of Death and warns her that Featherstone’s briefcase belongs to one of Satan’s friends. The Angel of Death gives her the briefcase. Eugene sees Tulip and calls out her name. The Angel of Death realizes Tulip’s true identity and forces her onto the bus. Jody and Featherstone leave with the briefcase.

Eccarius tries to justify his murders to Cassidy and invites Cassidy to try it himself. Cassidy instead threatens to reveal Eccarius’s secret to everyone in Les Enfants du Sang. They fight. Eccarius knocks Cassidy unconscious.

Starr returns to his office and finds the Allfather’s guts all over the walls. The vial containing Jesse’s soul falls out of the Allfather’s rectum. Jesse and Starr fight for possession of the vial. Jesse grabs the vial and drinks it, then orders Starr to his knees using the Word of God. Starr reminds Jesse that the Allfather already set in motion plans for an apocalypse that will put Humperdoo in charge.

Starr explains to Jesse that the Grail has infiltrated all the nuclear states and will unleash their nuclear arsenals upon receiving a video signal of Humperdoo tap dancing. Jesse vows to derail the plan by killing Humperdoo. He grabs a gun.

Tulip brainstorms ideas to escape the bus. Hitler declares that no one has ever gotten off the Hell shuttle without help. The Saint takes a seat across from the Angel of Death.

Jody and Featherstone drive back towards Angelville. Jody hits something in the road.

Jody inspects the hood and predicts it will take a while to fix the truck. Featherstone sets off on foot.

Cassidy wakes up in his coffin and enters the Les Enfants common room. He warns the group that Eccarius killed Lisa and many other vampires. Eccarius appears behind him and asks who everyone is going to believe, reminding them that Cassidy once despised them. He seizes Cassidy.

Tulip finds a hatch on the floor of the bus and manages to open it. Hitler urges her and Eugene to wait for his friend Rick to help them.

The Saint asks the Angel of Death if Tulip died alone. The Angel of Death remarks that Tulip and Eugene are in fact still alive but that Satan took them because there are no longer any rules in God’s absence. She adds that the old rules didn’t help the Saint’s family. The Saint has a flashback to the crows pecking at his dead wife and child.

Tulip explains the physics of her escape plan to Eugene. She drops a metal chain through the trap door to obstruct the drive shaft and flip the bus. Instead, the chain drops straight onto the asphalt, foiling her plan.

Jesse enters Humperdoo’s cell. He aims his gun at Humperdoo’s head but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. He hears the Humperdoo clones down the hall and gets an idea. He dresses Humperdoo in a Grail uniform.

A huge mob of Humperdoos floods the Grail building. They flow onto the street, making it impossible to know which one is the real Humperdoo.

Jesse returns to Starr and smashes the DNA cocktail.

Jesse exits the Grail building. Nearby, Hoover returns to the building.

Eccarius nails Cassidy’s hands to a pool table and accuses him of betraying his own kind. Kevin opens a curtain to allow a stream of deadly sunlight into the room. Eccarius urges Cassidy to reflect while the sun creeps closer.

Hitler looks impatiently at his watch as he waits for Rick to save him. Eugene suggests to Tulip that they create a bomb to blow up a window. Tulip gets an idea and walks to the front of the bus.

Starr tries on a series of wigs to disguise the scar on his head. Hoover informs Starr that he is now a vampire. Starr seethes with rage at Jesse.

Tulip taunts the Saint and calls him Satan’s errand boy. He smacks her into a window, causing it to crack. Eugene realizes that Tulip made herself “the bomb.”

Cassidy nods off and wakes up to find Mrs. Rosen cleaning the room. He asks her to call Lisa and tell her that he’s sorry.

Tulip instructs Eugene on how to jump out of a moving bus. Hitler loses patience and smashes open the cracked window. As he prepares to jump out, the bus hits a road bomb and rolls onto its side.

Tulip sees men in Nazi uniforms peering into the bus. A Nazi tank rolls up to the bus.

T.C. tells Gran’ma that Jody and Jesse have not yet returned. Gran’ma assures him that Jesse will come back — to kill her.

Jesse stands at the entrance to Angelville after hitching a ride on a fire truck. He walks down the driveway.