Season 3, Episode 8

The Tom/Brady

Annville, Angelville and the Grail team up to steal souls in New Orleans and Osaka in a last-ditch effort to satisfy Gran'ma and save the world.

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Full Recap

Jesse and Starr face off with the Allfather as they arrive in the elevator at the Grail offices. Jesse grabs Starr’s gun and shoots at the Allfather. Guards attack Jesse in the elevator as the doors close.

Starr and the Allfather listen to Jesse fight the guards in the elevator. Jesse steps out of the elevator, the guards dead at his feet, and shoots the Allfather. Starr tells Jesse that his soul is up the Allfather’s ass. The Allfather, still alive, orders his guards to capture Jesse but to keep him alive for Genesis.

Tulip and Jody return to Angelville with Gran’ma’s souls. Gran’ma goes outside to get her souls and comes face to face with Madame Boyd. Jesse and a mob of dead souls surround Gran’ma. “Die!” they chant.

Gran’ma wakes up from her nightmare and makes a phone call to Satan.

Cassidy and Eccarius hop into an Uber after a night of partying. Cassidy tells Eccarius that Lisa has not returned his calls. Eccarius changes the subject and vows to help Cassidy defeat the Grail.

The Uber drops Cassidy and Eccarius off at Mrs. Rosen’s house. Hoover reveals himself as the driver and takes out a vampire-killing kit. Cassidy, Eccarius and the Les Enfants group corner him in the car.

Satan rings Gran’ma’s doorbell. T.C. cowers at the door.

T.C. brings Satan to Gran’ma’s office. Satan reminds Gran’ma that he gave her the power to stay young by eating souls, but that when she dies she belongs to him. Gran’ma makes a new deal: Satan brings Tulip to Hell and she tells him where to find Genesis.

In Osaka, Featherstone distributes badges to Tulip and Jody in a Grail van. They stride into the lobby of Soul Happy Go Go.

The Allfather tells Jesse that they are going to extract Genesis from him. Jesse warns that many people have tried and failed. Grail operatives bring in a gurney.

Jesse is chained to the gurney. Starr whispers that he placed a gun in Jesse’s pocket to shoot the Allfather but Jesse is unable to reach the gun. A wall retracts to reveal an adjacent cell. Humperdoo enters the cell. Starr shocks Jesse with high voltage, forcing Genesis into a tube that leads inside the cell. Humperdoo explodes and Genesis flies back into Jesse. Grail employees clean the blood and guts and bring another Humperdoo clone into the cell.

Tulip and Jody act out a workplace harassment scenario for Soul Happy Go Go executives as part of a sexual harassment seminar. Featherstone picks an executive, Director Matsukata, to help role-play another scene. Tulip gropes him and quietly steals his security badge.

Satan returns to his office and tells Sydney to bring Tulip to him.

A parade of Humperdoos are brought into the cell, but all of them explode when Genesis enters them. Dr. Slotnick explains that Genesis requires a host with the right proportion of good and bad in his DNA, and that they have been testing various DNA cocktails with each Humperdoo. Jesse quietly tells Starr to shoot the Allfather but Starr is too fearful. Starr receives a text.

Starr checks his text in the waiting room and finds a series of ransom photos sent from Hoover’s phone.

Cassidy receives a text from Starr giving him permission to kill Hoover. Eccarius proposes they turn Hoover into a vampire.

Tulip and Featherstone use Matsukata’s badge to enter the antechamber of the soul vault. Guards spot Tulip and Featherstone in the security cameras and start to gear up. Jody blocks their way.

Tulip receives a text from Jody giving them the go-ahead to proceed. Featherstone unsuccessfully tries to break the security firewall on her laptop. Tulip meanwhile gets zapped while trying to pick the lock. She throws a piece of gum at the lock, unlocking it.

Cassidy bites Hoover in the blood ceremony. Everyone cheers for Hoover as he turns into a vampire.

Cassidy tries to fly but falls to the ground. He complains to Eccarius that he still hasn’t acquired Eccarius’s skills and asks if there’s a secret that Eccarius isn’t telling him. Eccarius urges him to be patient.

Tulip and Featherstone pack vials of souls into a briefcase. They exit the vault.

Jody leaves the security room and receives a phone call from Gran’ma.

Sydney watches Tulip, Featherstone and Jody stride through the lobby.

Tulip, Featherstone and Jody’s plane touches down in New Orleans. Sydney stops Tulip in the aisle but Tulip convinces Sydney that Featherstone is the person she’s looking for.

Tulip joins Jody in the truck and insists they leave without Featherstone, who she says was detained by a cop. She opens her briefcase and realizes that she accidentally switched briefcases with Featherstone, who now has the suitcase full of souls. Jody admits that the woman wasn’t a cop.

Eccarius and the Les Enfants send Hoover off for his “ambassador mission.”

Cassidy finds Lisa’s blood-soaked neck pillow in a trash can.

Eccarius gets ready to kill Hoover in his car. Cassidy confronts Eccarius with the neck pillow and guesses that Eccarius gets his powers by feasting on other vampires. Eccarius slams Cassidy against the wall. Hoover escapes.

Dr. Slotnick presents a new DNA cocktail. The Allfather jolts Jesse, sending Genesis into Humperdoo. This time, Humperdoo doesn’t explode. Humperdoo commands everyone to bow. Jesse and the Allfather obey. Dr. Slotnick shoots the Humperdoo clone dead. The Allfather summons the real Humperdoo.

The Saint, Hitler and Eugene wait at a bus stop to Hell. Sydney joins them with Featherstone as her prisoner. Hitler asks Featherstone if he can borrow her phone to text a friend.

Hitler’s sandwich shop co-worker, Rick, receives a text. “Shit,” he says. “They got Hilter.”