Season 3, Episode 7


Jesse, Tulip, Gran'ma and Starr form an uneasy partnership to avert the apocalypse; Cassidy learns to love Eccarius, but at a cost.

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Full Recap

Hitler works at a sandwich shop under the name “David Hilter.” A co-worker asks him to cover for him while he meets a woman.

Hitler’s co-workers grumble about their jobs and ask for Hitler’s opinion. Hitler blames the Jews and declares that it’s time for a revolution.

The Saint of Killers arrives at the sandwich shop with Eugene. Hitler refuses to accompany the Saint back to Hell.

The Saint marches through a field with Eugene and Hitler in chains.

Jesse and Tulip send Madame Boyd’s body into the swamp on a floating funeral pyre. A Grail helicopter arrives.

Jesse welcomes Starr and Featherstone back to Angelville.

Cassidy plays pool at the Les Enfants du Sang headquarters and regales followers with tales from Woodstock. Eccarius pulls Cassidy aside.

Eccarius shows Cassidy a lavish coffin for him to sleep in. Cassidy explains that he doesn’t sleep in coffins. Eccarius asks Cassidy if he would like to bite Lisa at that evening’s blood ceremony, but Cassidy declines.

At a send-off ceremony, Eccarius tells Deng that it’s time to fly. Lisa explains to Cassidy that Eccarius is taking Deng to the airport to become a vampire ambassador — part of Eccarius’s 50-year effort to make the world safer for vampires.

Jesse and Starr sit down with Gran’ma to discuss terms of releasing Jesse from his debt. Gran’ma tells Starr that she wants souls.

Hoover leaves a message with Starr to tell him he’s about to capture Cassidy.

Hoover enters the confession booth in a cathedral and gives a secret password to the priest. The booth descends underground and brings Hoover to a gym filled with priest assassins. He tells a monsignor that he wants to catch a vampire.

Tulip and Featherstone bicker while waiting in the kitchen with T.C. and Jody. Featherstone mentions Genesis and accuses Tulip of always screwing things up for Jesse.

Jesse asks Starr if he has contacts at Soul Happy Go Go. Starr says that the Grail owns Soul Happy Go Go and that he can easily send an infiltration unit to obtain souls from the warehouse in Osaka, on the condition that he can borrow Jesse immediately. Gran’ma agrees but threatens to kill Jesse using voodoo magic if Starr doesn’t follow through.

Tulip and Featherstone fight in the kitchen. Starr orders Featherstone to fly to Osaka and admits to Jesse that procuring the souls will be much harder than he made it seem. Jesse sends Tulip along.

Lisa lays on a table for the blood ceremony. Cassidy recites his lines then bites her. Everyone claps.

Eccarius comforts Cassidy and assures him that it’s okay if biting Lisa felt good.

Starr consults a map and shows Tulip and Featherstone where the Soul Happy Go Go headquarters are located. He tells them they will travel undercover as mid-level Grail operatives.

Tulip complains to Jesse about his plan but Jesse reminds her that they’re out of options. He reveals his plan to kill Gran’ma with Genesis if he returns to Angelville before Tulip. Tulip worries that Featherstone will push her buttons and cause her to ruin Jesse’s plans. He assures her she won’t fail.

Cassidy and Eccarius fly through the sky, laughing together.

Cassidy and Eccarius drink absinthe at a bar. Cassidy, with a big assist from Eccarius, hypnotizes two women into kissing him and Eccarius.

On the street, Cassidy chats with Eccarius in cat form while trying to transform himself. Hoover points them out to the monsignor, who tells his crew to get ready.

Tulip asks Jesse to check on Cassidy while he’s in New Orleans with Starr. Starr, Featherstone and T.C. watch as Jesse and Tulip kiss good-bye.

Gran’ma tears up over Jesse’s departure and threatens to send him to Hell if she doesn’t get her souls. Jesse comforts her and promises he will return.

Cassidy gets hit with tranquilizer darts and falls to the ground. The assassin priests shine deadly floodlights on Eccarius. Cassidy wakes up, having built a tolerance to tranquilizers, and attacks the priests. Hoover flees.

Cassidy finds Eccarius’s cape and despairs. Eccarius shows up alive and well in mouse form then morphs back into a human. Cassidy worries that he is endangering Eccarius, but Eccarius assures him that they will fight together. They kiss.

Tulip and Featherstone sit next to each other on a plane. Featherstone grabs the in-flight magazine from Tulip’s seat. Tulip tries to keep her cool.

Lisa sits in a car with Eccarius to be driven to the airport. Eccarius tells her there is no plane and proceeds to denounce vampires, calling himself the worst kind of vampire. He kills her.

Eccarius leaves Lisa’s ashes by some railroad tracks. The ashen remains of his other vampire victims surround hers.

On the way to the Grail offices, Starr promises to return Jesse’s soul on the condition that Jesse promise not to betray Starr once he possesses Genesis again.

Starr and Jesse arrive at Grail offices in New Orleans. Hoover calls Starr to inform him that he lost Cassidy again. Starr orders him to continue the mission.

T.C. asks Gran’ma what Genesis is. Gran’ma asks where he heard about Genesis.

Eccarius snuggles up to Cassidy asleep in his coffin. They kiss.

Starr and Jesse ride the elevator. Starr tells Jesse if he wants his soul, he must kill “him.” Jesse looks confused. The elevator doors open to reveal Allfather waiting for them. Starr holds a gun to Jesse’s head. “Jesse Custer, as requested, sir,” he tells Allfather.