Season 3, Episode 6

Les Enfants du Sang

Tulip, Jesse, Jody and T.C. hatch an ambitious plan to save both Gran'ma's and Tulip's lives; Cassidy explores a new friendship in New Orleans.

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Full Recap

Eugene stares at the decimated remains of Annville.

Child Protective Services brings Eugene to an orphanage. A woman informs Eugene that he’s been adopted. Eugene’s new foster parent appears in the doorway: It’s the Saint of Killers.

Eugene wonders aloud why God would send him back to Earth to just take him back to Hell. The Saint growls that God has nothing to do with it.

As they walk down the road, the Saint tells Eugene that they are making one stop before heading back to Hell.

Eccarius, the leader of Les Enfants du Sang, welcomes Cassidy to his group of wannabe vampires. Mrs. Rosen, the grandmother of a Les Enfants member, enters her basement but leaves when she sees that her grandson has guests. Eccarius eats an owl whole to prove to Cassidy that he’s a real vampire.

Jesse lies unconscious on the floor after fighting Jody and T.C..

Jody and T.C. strap Tulip to Gran’ma’s soul-sucking machine. Jesse barges in and suggests they rob Madame Boyd’s bank of souls and feed the souls to Gran’ma. He says, however, that they need Tulip’s help robbing the bank.

Jesse, T.C. and Jody grieve over fake graves that they created for Tulip and Gran’ma. Bruneau spies on them from afar and calls Madame Boyd to inform her that her plan to kill Tulip and Gran’ma worked.

Back in the house, Tulip works on a disguise for the bank robbery. Jesse catches Gran’ma whispering something into Jody’s ear.

Tulip enters Madame Boyd’s bank incognito and opens a safety deposit box. The bank manager reveals that each safety deposit box can only be opened by the owner’s saliva.

On her way out of the bank, Tulip secretly pushes the silent alarm button.

Herr Starr asks Hoover for an update on Cassidy and emphasizes that they must keep their coup a secret from Allfather, who is watching them.

Eccarius selects a Les Enfants member, Deng, to become a vampire in that night’s blood ceremony. He invites Cassidy to join the ceremony but Cassidy declines, saying he does not enjoy being a vampire. Eccarius says Cassidy has been doing it wrong.

Tulip describes the bank security to Jesse, T.C. and Jody. Police cars arrive at the bank in response to the alarm button. Jody notes that the response time is 7 minutes. T.C. offers to buy more time for Jesse and Tulip when they rob the bank.

Starr arrives at his office and removes his hat, revealing a long cut along the center of his scalp. To his surprise, he finds Allfather sitting at his desk.

Jesse drinks at a bar. Madame Boyd shows up to offer her condolences. Jesse says he would spit on her and kill her if he thought she was involved in Tulip and Gran’ma’s deaths. He then dares her to spit in his face for killing her brother. When she doesn’t take the bait, Jesse flirts and suggests they kiss.

Jesse returns to Tulip’s car and scrapes a sample of Madame Boyd’s saliva from his mouth.

Jody drops off T.C. at a petting zoo.

Jesse and Tulip enter the bank with guns and masks.

The police sheriff races to the bank but turns around after dispatch alerts him that T.C. just walked into the petting zoo.

Jody parks at Madame Boyd’s motel and begins shooting.

Jesse and Tulip escape the bank with a briefcase.

T.C. runs down a street without pants while pulling a goat on a leash.

Jody leaves Madame Boyd’s motel after killing her entire crew.

Allfather insists that Starr feast on horse with him before they discuss business.

Eccarius holds Cassidy while flying over New Orleans. They land on the street.

In a bar, Cassidy tries to hit on a woman but gets rejected. Eccarius puts the woman in a trance and orders her to kiss him. After the kiss, he transforms into a cat. Cassidy admits that he’s impressed by Eccarius’s powers.

As they leave the bar, Cassidy asks Eccarius how he got his powers.

Eccarius bites Deng at the blood ceremony and turns him into a vampire. Everyone claps. Cassidy tells Eccarius that turning people into vampires is wrong. Eccarius points out that he only picks people who are good and who are ready to protect vampire traditions. He begs Cassidy to be his friend but Cassidy says he has enough friends.

Jesse opens the stolen briefcase and finds vials of souls. T.C. feeds a soul to Gran’ma. Her eyes open.

Cassidy smokes in a crack den. Tulip calls to check in and promises that she and Jesse will come for him after they escape Angelville. Cassidy tells Tulip that he doesn’t wait for people and hangs up. Someone smothers Tulip’s face with a cloth and knocks her out.

Jesse realizes that Gran’ma captured Tulip and threatens to kill her if she harms Tulip. T.C. knocks Jesse out with a broom.

Jesse wakes up on the living room floor.

T.C. and Jody tie up Tulip.

Gran’ma drinks from a goblet as Madame Boyd sits captive in the soul-sucking machine. Tulip is tied to a nearby chair. Jesse kills Madame Boyd to spare her from turning into a soulless wanderer like the others in the tombs. He offers to give Gran’ma what she wants and decides it’s time to call the Grail.

Starr finishes his meal with Allfather. Allfather reveals that on his command, the world governments will release their nuclear arsenals and end the world in order to separate the true believers from the false ones. He turns the conversation to a new topic: Jesse Custer.

Cassidy returns to Les Enfants headquarters. Mrs. Rosen announces his arrival to the gang.