Season 3, Episode 5

The Coffin

As Cassidy falls in with a group of mysterious strangers in New Orleans, Tulip and Jesse deal with the fallout of a failed escape from Angelville.

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Full Recap

Tulip sneaks into Gran’ma’s office to kill her but decides at the last minute to hold off.

T.C. discovers that Cassidy escaped his cell.

Tulip wakes Jesse to discuss Gran’ma.

Jody and T.C. find Cassidy’s skin suit next to Tulip’s car and deduce that Jesse and Tulip helped Cassidy escape.

Tulip asks for Jesse’s permission to kill Gran’ma and break the spell. Jesse hears Jody and T.C. outside and realizes they must have learned about Cassidy’s escape.

T.C. sneaks into Jesse and Tulip’s room and ambushes them while Jody comes through the door. A fight ensues. Tulip knocks T.C. out in the bathroom and looks for Jesse.

Jody hauls Jesse’s body out the front door. Tulip stops him at gunpoint. Gran’ma chokes Jesse by squeezing the blood napkin. Tulip aims her gun at Gran’ma but surrenders when T.C. shows up with a gun.

Jesse wakes up inside a coffin at the bottom of the swamp.

Herr Starr oversees a mock meeting between Humperdoo and a fake Queen of England. Humperdoo fails the meeting when he sucks on the fake Queen’s ring finger instead of kissing it. An assistant informs Starr that he has a call from the Allfather.

Starr video chats with the Allfather and dismisses rumors about Jesse Custer possessing the Word of God. He informs the Allfather that Humperdoo’s training may take up to five years longer than anticipated. The Allfather balks at the timeline and demands a demonstration of any skills that Humperdoo might have mastered.

Humperdoo performs a tap dancing number for the Allfather via video. To Starr’s surprise, the Allfather applauds Humperdoo’s performance.

Tulip sits chained up in Jesse’s bedroom and refuses to divulge Cassidy’s location to Gran’ma, Jody, and T.C. Gran’ma orders Jody to guard Tulip.

Impressed by Humperdoo’s performance, the Allfather tells Starr to accelerate Humperdoo’s unveiling to the world. After Starr hangs up from his call with the Allfather, Lara Featherstone explains that she has an idea to force Jesse to return as Messiah.

While waiting at a pharmacy, Cassidy texts with someone he met through a vampire dating service. The pharmacist hands him a bottle of elephant tranquilizer pills.

Jesse lies in the coffin underwater and pounds on the lid. He hears the voice of John Wayne.

In a Western fantasy, marshal Jesse and his partner John Wayne gun down a posse of vaqueros.

Cassidy meets his vampire date at a restaurant. She notices that Cassidy is melancholy and takes his hand.

Cassidy makes out with the woman in the bathroom. She puts on fangs and asks him to bite her. Enraged that she is just a wannabe vampire, he threatens to kill her and marches to the bar where he pounds bourbon and pills. Featherstone surveils him incognito.

Tulip casually chats with Jody while quietly trying to grab a key for her handcuffs on the ground. Jody catches her in the act.

Gran’ma seethes over Tulip with T.C. and contemplates killing her. T.C. says Jesse would never forgive her and suggests they take a break and “play.”

In his Western fantasy, Jesse shoots more bad guys. John Wayne shames Jesse for abandoning Tulip and urges him to save her.

Jesse chips away at the coffin lid, causing water to trickle in. He sticks a cigarette into a hole attached to a hose that leads to an O2 compressor on the dock. He lights the cigarette and submerges himself underwater. The cigarette falls out and lands in the water.

Gran’ma and T.C. role-play a seductive scene in Gran’ma’s office. T.C. kisses Gran’ma. She grabs his crotch then pushes him off, calling him “pathetic.” She ends the game and orders him to get Tulip so that she can eat Tulip’s soul.

Jesse sticks another cigarette in the hole and lights it. This time the cigarette ignites and flies through the tube, blowing up the O2 compressor.

T.C. goes to fetch Tulip from her room and finds Jody chained to a radiator. Tulip ambushes him and escapes.

Jesse climbs out of the swamp.

Tulip confronts Gran’ma and orders her to break the spell on Jesse. Gran’ma attacks Tulip with a knife.

Jesse races back to Gran’ma’s house.

Tulip strangles Gran’ma to death. Jesse runs into the room. Tulip announces that she killed Gran’ma, then falls dead.

Jesse performs CPR on Tulip. T.C. explains that Gran’ma ingested Tulip’s fingernails in order to tie their lives together. He instructs Jesse to perform CPR on Gran’ma if he wants to revive Tulip. God visits Tulip and says that she’s failing his test. Meanwhile, Jesse plunges a syringe full of adrenaline into Gran’ma’s chest. She awakens. Tulip revives a second later.

Cassidy drunkenly slumps over at the bar. Featherstone calls in Starr and Hoover.

Starr, Featherstone, and Hoover place Cassidy in front of a video camera. Reading from a cue card, Cassidy drunkenly asks Jesse to rescue him before the Grail kills him. Starr steps in and threatens to torture Cassidy if Jesse doesn’t become the Messiah. Cloaked figures raid the room and kidnap Cassidy.

Jesse tells Tulip that Madame Boyd must have advised her to kill Gran’ma knowing that it would kill Tulip, too. T.C. informs them that the adrenaline weakened Gran’ma’s heart and that she needs to eat a soul in order to live. Jesse, Tulip, Jody, and T.C. stare at each other then attack one another.

Cassidy awakens to find his vampire date standing over him. A group of people introduce themselves as the Children of Blood.