Season 3, Episode 4

The Tombs

As Jesse helps re-invigorate business at Angelville, he tests Tulip and Cassidy's faith in him when Angelville brings out a darker side of him.

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Full Recap

In Hell, a guard releases the Saint of Killers from his cell and takes him down to Floor -9. The Saint enters a room filled with flames.

The Saint arrives in Satan’s office. Satan admonishes the Saint for breaking out of Hell and damaging his reputation. Sidney, a.k.a. the Angel of Death, punishes the Saint by whipping him in the back.

Tulip holds Madame Boyd at gunpoint in her office and demands to know how to break Gran’ma’s spell on Jesse. Tulip fires a rifle at the floor, causing it to cave in and allowing her to escape the guards with Madame Boyd as her captive.

In a flashback, young Jesse emcees a fight in the Tombs. Jody and T.C. inject the fighters with adrenaline as audience members exchange bets. The crowd cheers for Jody as he enters the ring to fight.

Jesse asks T.C. to select two prisoners for the next fight. While perusing a lineup of prisoners — including Hal and other customers who have lost their souls to Gran’ma — T.C. correctly guesses that Jesse is going on a date and warns him to keep his date a secret from Gran’ma.

T.C. chastises Jody for killing yet another prisoner in the ring. Jody assures T.C. that Jesse will round up more fighters.

In the present, a small crowd cheers as Cassidy and Hal fight in the Tombs. Cassidy fatally bludgeons Hal in the head. Jesse declares Cassidy the champion and announces that the next show will begin in one hour. After Jody and T.C. leave, Jesse swings a machete at Cassidy.

Tulip drives around aimlessly with Madame Boyd. Madame Boyd refuses to break the spell on Jesse and explains that Jesse is the “worst person I have ever loved.”

In a flashback, a young Jesse and Madame “Sabina” Boyd laugh while Kenny, Sabina’s brother, regales them with a story. After Kenny leaves, Sabina kisses Jesse and gets undressed. Jesse recalls T.C.’s warning and breaks up with Sabina in an abrupt, harsh manner, secretly intending to protect her from Gran’ma.

Tulip laughs at Madame Boyd’s story.

While out on a beer run, Jesse tells Jody that Cassidy will bring in a lot of money thanks to his ability to heal after every fight. He sees Jody light a cigarette with his father’s lighter.

While Jody buys kegs at a convenience store, Jesse opens the trunk.

Jesse goes to a shipping store across the street and tells the clerk that he wants to ship something.

Jesse packs a dismembered Cassidy into a box and tells Cassidy that he’s saving his life. He seals up the box despite Cassidy’s protests and addresses it to New Orleans.

Madame Boyd tells Tulip that there is more to her history with Jesse.

In a flashback, young Jesse emcees a fight in the Tombs. Kenny barges into the arena and attacks Jesse for mistreating Sabina. Kenny begs for his life as Jesse strangles him to death. “Are you not entertained?” Jesse roars at the crowd with a smile.

Tulip accuses Madame Boyd of lying and orders her to get out of the car.

The shipping store clerk finds Jesse’s box empty and soaked with blood. A trail of blood leads outside.

In the Tombs, T.C. and Jody discover that Cassidy escaped. Jesse announces to the crowd that God has disappeared, thanks to depraved people such as themselves, and declares that the Tombs are closed. The crowd boos but cheers again when Cassidy shows up.

Tulip rests her head on the steering wheel. God cruises by on his motorcycle.

Jesse knocks Cassidy to the ground and quietly warns Cassidy to stay down.

Tulip returns to Angelville and finds the parking lot packed.

Cassidy ignores Jesse’s advice and keeps fighting. Tulip enters the room and sees Jesse drive a stake into Cassidy. “The Tombs are back in business!” Jesse declares. He orders Tulip to leave with Cassidy.

Hal hobbles up to Tulip’s car in the parking lot and removes his face: It’s Cassidy in disguise. Tulip escapes with Cassidy.

Cassidy suggests several destinations for him and Tulip to escape to, but Tulip instead drops him off at a bus stop. “I love you,” he says. She replies that she doesn’t love him back. Cassidy contemplates using the love spell on Tulip but decides against it.

Cassidy boards the bus, which is bound to New Orleans. Lara Featherstone quietly sits several rows behind him.

Tulip goes to Jesse’s room and calls him out for trying to protect her and Cassidy just like he tried to protect Madame Boyd when he dumped her. She demands to know what really happened to Kenny.

In a flashback, Kenny tackles Jesse in the Tombs and chokes him. Jesse begs Kenny to stop then begins to throttle Kenny in self-defense. He reels from shock as Kenny rolls over dead. Jody grabs Jesse’s arm and roars, “Are you not entertained?” The crowd cheers.

Jesse and Tulip make up and kiss.

Jesse and Tulip lie in bed the next morning. Tulip wakes up with a start.

Tulip releases Madame Boyd from her car trunk after accidentally leaving her trapped overnight. Madame Boyd reveals that Jesse’s spell can be broken if Tulip kills Gran’ma. She assures Tulip that she is trustworthy because the one person she hates more than Jesse is Gran’ma.

Satan instructs the Angel of Death to stop whipping the Saint. “The Preacher,” the Saint growls. Satan gives the Saint some files on two people who are threatening his “big beautiful expansion plans.” He agrees to let the Saint kill a preacher if the Saint brings the two people to him alive. The Saint leaves Satan’s office with bloody lacerations all over his back.