Season 3, Episode 3

Gonna Hurt

While Jesse works to pay back his debt to Gran'ma, Tulip and Cassidy risk their safety as they formulate their own plans to get out of Angelville.

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Full Recap

Tulip drives to New Orleans and marches into Herr Starr’s office, only to find that it’s now abandoned.

Tulip drives back to Angelville. God pulls her over on his motorcycle and informs her that it was all part of his master design for her to foil Jesse’s plan. He explains that he’s preparing a test for the future of creation. Tulip doesn’t believe him and accuses him of screwing around. God slams her to the ground with his almighty powers and rides off. Tulip threatens to beat him up.

T.C. extracts a bullet from Cassidy’s shoulder. Cassidy remarks that he’s been shot and stabbed multiple times, prompting T.C. to marvel at Cassidy’s immaculate condition. Cassidy secretly gulps down a stash of blood.

Tulip tells Jesse about her encounters with God and guesses that God is scared of Jesse and Genesis. She threatens to beat up Gran’ma so that Jesse can leave Angelville, but Jesse warns Tulip that Gran’ma is extremely dangerous. They start to make love but Jody interrupts to summon Jesse outside.

In the kitchen, T.C. remarks to Jesse that Cassidy is a curiously fast healer. Jesse orders Tulip to stay out of trouble while he’s away. After he leaves, T.C. asks Tulip if she wants to see his penis.

Jesse stops by Cassidy’s room to make amends and urges Cassidy to leave Angelville before T.C. and Jody realize that he’s a vampire. Cassidy refuses to leave without Tulip. In an effort to hide Cassidy’s healing powers, Jesse stabs him in the shoulder and informs Jody and T.C. that Cassidy isn’t healing as quickly as they thought.

Tulip snoops around Gran’ma’s room and finds a bloody handkerchief in a filing cabinet. She spots a bowl underneath the bed and crouches to get a closer look. Gran’ma’s hand falls out from under the blanket. Tulip races out of the room.

Tulip passes T.C. in the hallway and says that she would, in fact, like to see his penis.

Jesse walks into a rehab meeting as a man tearfully describes his addiction to sniffing glue.

Jesse approaches the addict and suggests he seek treatment for his addiction at Angelville. The addict excitedly asks if the tombs are open but Jesse clarifies that Madame L’Angelle is only offering “clean” spells. The man declares he will see Madame Boyd instead.

Jesse joins Jody in the truck after failing to find new customers. Jody tells Jesse about a gamblers anonymous meeting. Jesse begs Jody to help him escape, at the very least for his mother’s sake. Jody punches him.

T.C. shows his penis to Tulip in his shack. Tulip slyly asks T.C. about the bloody handkerchiefs. T.C. explains that they’re “blood compacts,” which are contracts that can only be broken when a customer’s debt has been paid. He relays a cautionary tale of a man who once tried to break a blood compact with Gran’ma without repaying his debt. Tulip clamps a miniature gator on T.C.’s penis and demands to know how to break Jesse’s curse. T.C. says the only way is to convince Gran’ma to let Jesse go.

Cassidy stops by Gran’ma’s office and tells her that he’s not leaving Angelville without Tulip. He asks her about the love spell that she had previously mentioned.

Tulip sits in her car outside Madame Boyd’s motel. She puts her gun in the glove compartment, takes it out, then puts it in again.

Tulip walks to Madame Boyd’s room.

Cassidy holds a vial in Gran’ma’s foyer. Jesse returns with Jody and asks where Tulip is. Jody observes that Cassidy has recovered again.

Jesse debriefs Gran’ma and says that the Boyds control all the business in town. Gran’ma mentions the tombs, but Jesse refuses to reopen them. Gran’ma threatens to put him in the coffin, then mentions that Cassidy stopped by for a chat.

That night, Cassidy hunts down a chicken and devours it. T.C. finds Cassidy eating the chicken and holds him at gunpoint, realizing that Cassidy is a vampire. T.C. calls for Jody.

Jesse calls Tulip and leaves a message asking where she is. He hears noises outside and finds Jody and T.C. stringing Cassidy up in a tree. He pretends not to know that Cassidy is a vampire. Jody and T.C. suggest using Cassidy for target practice until the sun rises and burns him. Jesse proposes another idea.

Madame Boyd’s assistant greets Tulip in the waiting room. Tulip introduces herself as “Marni" and explains that she’s trying to get her boyfriend out of a blood compact.

The assistant leads Tulip to Madame Boyd’s office. Tulip starts talking to a figure in the shadows, assuming it’s Madame Boyd. The assistant asks Tulip how Jesse got trapped in a blood compact. Tulip realizes her identity has been compromised and jumps through a window to escape. The guards throw her back inside. The “assistant” reveals herself to be Madame Boyd. Tulip points her gun at Madame Boyd.

Jesse enters a basement. “Welcome back to the tombs,” he announces. An audience erupts in cheers. Jesse announces a battle between a pedophile science teacher, Hal, and a “back-stabbing piece of shit vampire.” Cassidy and Hal pick up their weapons and begin to fight.