Season 3, Episode 2


Desperate to escape Angelville and his family, Jesse attempts to forge an unlikely alliance with a familiar adversary.

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Full Recap

Hal, a teacher at Angelville High School, meets with young Jesse to request that Gran’ma cast a spell on a student who fell in love with him after performing a sexual act on him. Jesse warns him of the rigid rules around paying Gran’ma.

A week later, Hal comes up short in his payment for Gran’ma’s services, then fails to deliver his subsequent payment to Jesse.

Jody, T.C. and young Jesse chase Hal in a truck. Jesse beats him up.

At Angelville, Jesse and Jody strap Hal to a chair as T.C. wheels in a machine. Jody tells Jesse that the machine extracts people’s souls for Gran’ma, enabling her to stay young. Hal screams as the machine takes his soul.

In the present, a disguised Herr Starr rings the doorbell of Krishna Headquarters.

Jesse gazes at the soul-stealing machine in Gran’ma’s house.

Cassidy sits by Tulip’s side as she struggles to recall details of her time in purgatory. Cassidy informs Jesse that the Grail killed Tulip and insists they seek revenge. Jesse says he must first convince Gran’ma to let him go.

Jesse walks onto the road and commands a car to stop, but his powers are gone. He calls Herr Starr and leaves a message that he’s ready to become the Messiah. He asks Starr to bring his soul.

Starr guns down a swami and his disciples after the swami refuses to serve Humperdoo. Starr receives a phone call and learns of Jesse’s message.

Jesse orders Cassidy to leave Angelville but Cassidy refuses to leave without Tulip.

T.C. chats with Cassidy and suggests they get high.

Tulip looks around her bedroom and briefly remembers God Dog from purgatory.

Gran’ma summons Jesse and says they have a lot of work to do. She notes that Jesse owes her many souls after his long absence.

Jody introduces himself to Tulip as she sets up target practice outside. Tulip spots Featherstone in the woods and pummels her.

Cassidy and T.C. bond while getting high. Jesse asks if they’ve seen Tulip.

Jesse finds Tulip and Jody dragging Featherstone and Hoover outside. Jesse assures Gran’ma that they will kill the intruders in the swamp.

Jesse, Tulip and Jody march Featherstone and Hoover through the woods. Jesse suggests they grind them up at Jody’s shack.

Hoover escapes while Jody prepares the meat grinder. Jesse instructs Tulip, Cassidy and Jody to track down Hoover.

Jesse helps Featherstone escape after revealing that he secretly let Hoover go. He asks her to inform Starr that their deal is still on. Tulip catches Jesse in the act.

Jody warns Gran’ma that Jesse is up to something. Gran’ma dismisses his concerns, pointing out that Jesse belongs to her.

Jesse explains to Tulip and Cassidy that he must get his soul back from Starr so that he can use Genesis to force Gran’ma to release him. He vows to kill Gran’ma, Jody and everyone at the Grail once he restores his soul. Tulip and Cassidy agree to help.

Tulip and Cassidy send a remote control car into the parking lot of the Boyd family’s motel. Bruneau spots the car along with a message that Jesse is back. The car explodes.

Cassidy suggests to Tulip that they ditch Jesse and run away, but Tulip insists they must keep Jody and T.C. busy so that Jesse can meet Starr and get his soul back. Cassidy worries that Jesse will become consumed with his Messiah work again despite promising that he won’t.

Jesse visits his mother’s grave with Gran’ma, who insists she loved his mother. She hears motorcycles in the distance and deduces that the Boyds know of Jesse’s return. She asks Jesse to dispatch Jody and T.C. to get rid of the Boyds.

Jody and T.C. distribute guns to Tulip and Cassidy to help fight the Boyds.

The Boyd gang arrives at Angelville and launches a dead goat from a cannon. Jody explains that the goat is a voodoo telegram warning that the Boyds want to kill Jesse.

Back in the house, Starr stealthily joins Jesse at the kitchen table.

Cassidy launches a grenade at the Boyd gang. A shootout ensues.

Jesse demands his soul from Starr and drinks from a vial that Starr hands him. He starts to walk out on Starr but returns after Starr reveals that he gave Jesse a placebo.

Cassidy gets shot in the shoulder. After the Boyd gang leaves, Tulip goes to the house to get blood for Cassidy’s wound.

Starr asks Jesse to become the Messiah. Jesse demands his soul. Starr tells Jesse it’s in the car.

Tulip spots the empty vial on the kitchen table then sees Jesse and Starr walking outside. She suddenly remembers God Dog’s command: “I’m counting on you to get those sons of bitches.”

T.C. informs Gran’ma that they chased off the Boyd gang but that Jesse was not with them.

Featherstone gives Starr a vial containing Jesse’s soul. Before Jesse can drink it, Tulip starts shooting at Starr and the Grail operatives. Starr realizes Jesse’s plan to kill them and escapes with Featherstone and Hoover. Jesse doubles over choking as Gran’ma twists the napkin with Jesse’s blood on it, torturing him with voodoo magic.

Starr tells Featherstone and Hoover that he’s going to let Jesse stew in Angelville for a while.

Tulip apologizes to Jesse for foiling his plan.

Jesse vows to Gran’ma that he will find a way to escape. She orders him to start working.

Tulip laments her mistake to Cassidy. He insists it wasn’t her fault.

Jesse goes to the Angelville tombs and mops the floors. Hal emerges from the shadows and begs for help. “I can’t, I’m sorry,” says Jesse.