Season 3, Episode 1


In an effort to save Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy take her to Jesse's family home, Angelville. Jesse reunites with the people he fears most: his family.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, a man convulses in Madame L’Angelle’s office while under a trance. Madame L’Angelle raps her desk, causing the man to collapse.

Outside, a woman leads a tour of the Angelville plantation.

Madame L’Angelle gives the man a drink after he exits the trance, causing him to vomit. Christine, Madame L'Angelle’s daughter, checks in on the man and notes that the spell was successful.

The man, who turns out to be a councilman, thanks Christine for referring him to Madame L'Angelle. Christine goes to the waiting room and informs an elderly couple that they are next.

A haggard man approaches Christine in the kitchen and begs for help. T.C., one of Madame L'Angelle’s helpers, knocks the man unconscious. Christine orders him to imprison the escapee before anyone else sees.

Christine helps a woman and boy who are looking for the plantation tour group. The mother jokes that her son is worried about getting kidnapped. Christine assures the boy that he’s safe as long as he’s with his mother.

Christine gazes at a photo in her bedroom. Jody, another Angelville worker, summons her to Madame L'Angelle and asks what Christine is looking at. Christine orders him out.

Jody tracks Christine down on a bus after she runs away from Angelville.

Jody brings Christine back to Angelville. Madame L'Angelle demands to see what Christine was hiding in her room. Christine swallows the photo before Jody can search her. Madame L'Angelle cuts Christine open and retrieves the photo: It’s of a baby. “Don’t you dare touch my Jesse,” Christine says.

In the present, Jesse and Cassidy bring Tulip’s dead body to Angelville.

Jesse looks for his Gran’ma in her house. Cassidy accuses Jesse of letting Tulip die and reveals that he had sex with Tulip in Texas. They fight. T.C. discovers them and excitedly calls for Gran’ma upon realizing it’s Jesse. Gran'ma rolls up in a wheelchair but ignores Jesse.

Jesse begs Gran'ma for help. She accuses him of abandoning the family and refuses to help. Jesse offers to do anything. She lays a napkin and knife on the table. “You know what I want,” she says. Jesse cuts his hand and lets blood drip onto the napkin.

In purgatory, Tulip sits on a couch with her younger self. Her father returns home after a prison sentence and hugs young Tulip. He procures work at a restaurant and promises to buy young Tulip some candy to celebrate. Tulip’s mother sneers at his empty promise. Later, Mr. O’Hare attacks a co-worker and proceeds to shoot at police. Young Tulip and grown-up Tulip join Mr. O’Hare in the shootout.

Gran'ma informs Jesse and Cassidy that Tulip is still in purgatory, allowing them some time to revive her. Jesse heads out with a shopping list for Gran'ma’s spell. Gran'ma also requests transpoil and explains that Jody knows where to find some.

Jesse gives Cassidy a shopping list for Tulip’s favorite things to help coax her spirit back. He explains to Cassidy that Jody killed his father.

Jesse asks for Jody’s help finding transpoil despite their volatile history. Jody agrees to help.

Jody brings Jesse to a motel run by the Boyds, a family competitor. He instructs Jesse to wait for him behind the motel.

Jody punches a guard in the parking lot. A gang of thugs emerge from a motel room.

Jesse waits for Jody in his truck as Jody takes on the Boyd gang. The parking lot guard recognizes the truck and holds Jesse at gunpoint. Jody jumps onto the truck with the stolen transpoil and kicks the guard. Jesse drives off.

Gran'ma chants a spell and sips a mixture of Tulip’s hair, nail clippings, and skin flakes. Cassidy returns with Tulip’s favorite things. Gran'ma instructs Cassidy to eat a scorpion pepper to try and coax Tulip’s spirit to return. She reveals that she, like Cassidy, once loved someone who loved someone else. She says that she cast a spell to make the man fall in love with her, then killed him after his love became tiresome. She offers to repay Cassidy for bringing Jesse back to her.

Jody refuses to give the transpoil to Jesse until they settle a prior feud. He knocks Jesse to the ground and begins to crush him with the truck, but Gran'ma orders him to stop. Jody gives the transpoil to Jesse.

In purgatory, young and grown-up Tulips watch news coverage of Mr. O’Hare’s shootout. Death (in the guise of Child Protective Services) pounds on the door. Tulip starts to answer the door but stops when she sees her favorite items, including Boo Berry cereal, on the coffee table.

Gran'ma mixes a potion for Tulip.

In purgatory, Death continues to pound on the door. Tulip decides to eat a bowl of Boo Berry before answering.

Gran'ma gives Tulip a drop of transpoil. In purgatory, Tulip suddenly finds a battery in her cereal.

Jesse tells Tulip that he needs her. Cassidy plays Joni Mitchell for Tulip.

In purgatory, the TV starts playing Joni Mitchell. Death breaks through the door with an axe. Tulip hears Jesse’s voice on the phone and begs for more time. She puts the battery in a clock and gets transported to a quiet road. God appears in a man-dog suit and tells her that she’s been chosen for an important mission. “I want you to get those—,” he begins. Before he can finish, Tulip returns to life. Jesse buries his face with relief. Cassidy smiles.

Jesse watches Tulip and Cassidy sleep in bed.

Gran'ma shares a drink with Jesse and confirms with him that they still have a deal. Jesse threatens to break the deal and kill her. She warns that she already anticipated this possibility, then welcomes him home.

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