Season 2, Episode 12

On Your Knees

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit a bump in the road and decide to leave New Orleans; an old foe resurfaces and causes a change of plans.

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Full Recap

Eugene and Hitler land in the Hole. The extrapolator starts up. Hitler tells Eugene that he can unlock the secret door by showing the extrapolator that he doesn’t belong in Hell.

Hitler watches as Eugene plays out different scenarios of Tracy’s suicide. None of the scenarios reveal the secret door. Eugene’s father, Sheriff Root walks into Tracy’s room and blames Eugene for ruining his life. Eugene stands up for himself, finally unlocking the secret door. Hitler and Eugene escape.

The extrapolator breaks.

In a flashback, Jesse sends the Saint of Killers to the bottom of the swamp in the armored truck. The Saint punches the back door.

One week later, the Saint continues to punch the door. He flashes back to the day of his baptism, at which his pregnant wife tells him not to kill or drink anymore. “Your soul is where your goodness lies,” she says. The Saint flashes back again to an idyllic picnic with his wife and daughter.

The Saint keeps punching the truck doors. A light appears. The truck is hauled out of the swamp.

Hoover supervises the operation as a tow truck hoists the armored vehicle out of the swamp. An identical vehicle is dumped into the swamp.

Hoover brings the armored truck to an empty warehouse and speaks to the Saint through an intercom. He introduces himself and offers the Saint “the next best thing” to Heaven in exchange for his cooperation. He studies an instruction manual while waiting for the Saint’s response.

The Saint looks at the rack of soul vials and hears his wife’s words, “No more killing, no more drinking,” while reliving the horrific scenes from Ratwater. He punches the doors again.

Another week later, the Saint continues to punch the doors. Hoover speaks to him through the intercom and points out that the Saint has nothing to lose by working with the Grail.

Jesse sits dejectedly on Man Dog’s sofa in the empty jazz bar basement.

In the armored truck, Hoover tells the Saint that he’s glad they could reach an understanding. The back doors open. Hoover flees. The Saint steps out.

The Saint orders whiskey at a bar. The bartender asks what brings him to New Orleans. “I’m here to kill a man,” he says, downing the whiskey.

Denis looks for Banjo, his dog, in Cassidy’s room. Cassidy orders Denis out, then takes Banjo from his hiding spot.

Tulip notices one of Cassidy’s severed fingers on the kitchen floor. She playfully argues with Cassidy about who between the two of them is most in charge.

Featherstone and Hoover watch Tulip and Cassidy on the surveillance camera. Hoover informs two men standing nearby that someone is on the way.

Tulip suggests she and Cassidy go to Bimini without Jesse. Cassidy stares longingly at Tulip’s throat. Jesse finally returns and declares that he doesn’t want to think about God anymore. He and Cassidy go to get drinks on the terrace. Tulip grabs tongs to remove the finger off the floor.

Tulip encounters the Saint while taking out the trash. She attacks him. He smacks her against the wall.

The Saint grabs a knife from a kitchen drawer.

Jesse and Cassidy banter on the terrace.

The Saint finds Denis looking at a laptop in his bedroom.

Cassidy offers Jesse some of his “reserve stock.” Jesse recoils after a sip. Cassidy calls for Tulip to bring some beer.

Denis lies on the floor with a snapped neck.

Jesse looks for Tulip inside and finds the Saint. He commands the Saint to get on his knees, but Genesis doesn’t work. Cassidy attacks the Saint. The Saint throws him against a wall then slams Jesse on a table.

Featherstone and Hoover watch the fight from their apartment.

Tulip attacks the Saint again. He picks her up by the face and throws her against the wall, loosening the Grail’s surveillance camera from its mount. The Saint orders Jesse on his knees.

The Saint sharpens his knife and starts to scalp Jesse but is interrupted by Superintendent Mannering and her guards. Mannering threatens to put the Saint’s wife or daughter in Hell if he doesn’t return to his cell. The Saint leaves with the guards. Mannering tells Jesse that he’s lucky to have Herr Starr on his side.

Jesse sends Tulip and Cassidy off in an ambulance. A sticker on the back of the ambulance reads, “A Division of Grail Industries.”

Starr brings Tulip and Cassidy to his office and informs them that Jesse is destined for greatness. He explains that, deep down, Jesse knows Tulip and Cassidy are not special.

In the Vatican, the Pope announces that God is gone from everyone’s hearts but that his son will return to save them.

Jesse watches coverage of the papal address from Denis’s apartment.

Tulip and Cassidy return home and confront Jesse about his dealings with the Grail. Jesse suggests they get some food. After they leave, the surveillance camera falls to the kitchen floor.

At a diner, Cassidy asks Jesse if he’s really planning to become the Messiah. Jesse figures he has no choice, with Humperdoo in line to take over for God. Cassidy tells Jesse that he’s just a person, but Jesse insists he was given his special power for a reason. He invites them to join him but Cassidy declines. When Tulip asks what Jesse needs them for, Jesse doesn’t answer.

Mannering brings the Saint to his cell. The Saint asks to speak with Satan.

In the hallway, Mannering orders a guard to find Eugene and Hitler.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Hitler crawl through an air shaft.

Jesse leaves the diner by himself. He goes to Starr’s office and asks what happens next. Starr kneels before him.