Season 2, Episode 11


The mission begins to alienate Tulip and Cassidy; Tulip receives advice about her relationship with Jesse; Cassidy begins to doubt Denis.

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Full Recap

Two men haul a casket out of a New Orleans swamp and lay the casket on a dock. A young Jesse is released from the casket and forced to kneel in front of a woman. The woman asks his name. “Jesse Custer,” he declares. The men throw him back in the casket and send it back into the swamp.

In the present day, the Soul Happy Go Go armored vehicle is hauled out of the swamp. Tulip yells at Jesse for lying to her about the Saint of Killers and asks why he didn’t banish the Saint to Hell. Jesse insists that he couldn’t do that to another soul. He peers inside the vehicle then opens the back doors: The Saint is nowhere to be found.

Featherstone updates Starr on the precarious status of Jesse and Tulip’s relationship. Starr informs Featherstone and Hoover that the Messiah is a “moron” and that he’s plotting to replace him with Jesse. Featherstone and Hoover agree to join his coup. Afterwards, Hoover privately tells Starr that he has trepidations about an assignment that Starr has given him.

Superintendent Mannering administers a screening test of Tyler to determine if he is the impostor in Hell. She receives a phone call concerning the Saint.

Eugene tells Tyler that, according to Hitler, Mannering has no intention of releasing the impostor. Tyler laughs at Eugene for trusting Hitler.

Jesse tries to assuage Tulip and Cassidy’s fears about the Saint and suggests they take a Caribbean vacation. Tulip and Cassidy embrace the idea and run off to get ready.

Jesse tells Tulip that they can’t leave until he finds God and accuses her of being selfish. Tulip points out how much she and Cassidy have sacrificed for him and asks what he has sacrificed in return. Jesse suddenly connects the Messiah’s dog drawings with the Man Dog that they encountered in the jazz bar basement. He declares that he knows where God is, but Tulip and Cassidy refuse to join him.

Jesse returns to the jazz bar basement where he encountered Man Dog. No one is there.

Mannering screens another prisoner but stops when she sees Caveman licking the security camera in the holding room.

While Mannering is distracted, Eugene and Tyler drag Hitler to their cell block and force him to open his cell with a key that he hid in his rectum.

Inside the cell, a projector plays Hitler’s memory of his date with Elsa at the Munich cafe. Armed Communists enter the cafe and beat up an innocent bystander. Hitler picks up one of their guns. Instead of fighting back, he meekly hands the gun over to the Communists. Disappointed by Hitler’s cowardice, Elsa dumps him.

Tyler accuses Hitler of destroying Europe simply because he lost face in front of a woman.

Back in the holding room, Hitler tells Eugene that that day in the cafe was the last day that he was ever good. Eugene asks Hitler to help get him out of Hell. Mannering summons Eugene to his screening. Hitler promises to come for Eugene.

Hitler asks for everyone’s attention in the holding room. Tyler scoffs and asks why they should listen. “Because I’m Adolf f—king Hitler!” he commands.

Tulip leaves Denis’s apartment to destroy the Saint’s weapons. Denis realizes that Cassidy likes Tulip and urges him to “take her.”

Jesse tells Starr that God was Man Dog and laments his oversight. Starr guesses that Jesse isn’t looking for God so much as he’s looking for forgiveness for killing his father. He reveals a trove of audio recordings of Jesse’s prayers that were archived in Heaven.

Tulip and Featherstone bring the Saint’s weapons to a smelting shop. The owner refuses to smelt guns that might be potentially loaded but agrees to help when Featherstone threatens to accuse him of rape.

Tulip and Featherstone discuss the Saint while waiting for the smelter to destroy the guns. Tulip figures Jesse must have had his reasons for lying to her.

The smelter informs Tulip that the guns were impervious to the molten metal. She touches the guns and finds they are perfectly cool, despite having been bathed in 4,000-degree molten metal.

Eugene begins his screening test in Mannering’s office. Mannering stops the test when she notices everyone in the holding room joining hands and singing “Hallelujah.”

Mannering storms into the holding cell. Hitler sneaks out through the open door and goes to Mannering’s office. He tells Eugene that the escape route is in the Hole and forces him down the Hole. He jumps in after Eugene.

Tulip wraps the Saint’s guns and sword, addresses them to Brazil and stuffs them in a mailbox.

Jesse and Starr listen to a lifetime of Jesse’s prayers. Starr finally stops the reel and urges Jesse to join him if he wants to save his soul. Jesse refuses. Starr plays one more prayer.

In a flashback, the woman hauls young Jesse out of the swamp and again asks his name. “Jesse L’Angelle,” he answers this time. The woman — his grandmother — praises him. “Thank you, God, for killing my father and bringing me home,” he says at her orders. Nearby is a building for Angelville Gator Tours.

Starr implores Jesse to take over for God. Jesse uses Genesis to command Starr to shove the reels up his rectum. He then commands the receptionist to let him out of the office. Genesis falters. Jesse issues a second command. The receptionist obeys.

A postal employee picks up the Saint’s weapons from the mailbox.

Starr calls Hoover and tells him to execute the back-up plan.

The real Soul Happy Go Go vehicle sits in the middle of an empty warehouse, where Starr has been hiding it. Hoover gets out of the van and runs, leaving the doors open behind him. “Preacher,” growls the Saint from inside the vehicle.