Season 2, Episode 10

Dirty Little Secret

Jesse connects with an unlikely source; Jesse goes unforgiven when Tulip discovers he's been lying to her.

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Full Recap

In an ancient cave home, a man has wild sex with a married woman. The man asks the woman to keep their affair a secret. He lets down his hair: It’s Jesus.

Jesus’s disciples come looking for Jesus. Thaddeus sees the rumpled clothes on the floor and realizes what just transpired.

In the present day, Herr Starr sits with Jesse at the bar and tells him all about Grail Industries. Jesse uses Genesis to ask where God is. Starr says that God was last seen in New Orleans and that the Grail covered up his disappearance by killing the actor on the audition tape. Starr offers to help Jesse in his quest for God.

Jesse gets in Starr’s jeep. Starr places a hood over his head.

Tulip startles awake after dreaming about the Saint of Killers again.

Tulip knocks on Cassidy’s bedroom door and finds him and Denis in the middle of an orgy with two women. She offers to make them breakfast.

Featherstone visits Tulip to get her gun back and notices Tulip’s emotional state.

Jesse walks through a metal detector at Starr’s office. The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are waiting inside.

Tulip opens up to Featherstone about everything from the search for God to the Saint. Tulip explains that Jesse sent the Saint to Hell with his “mind power” but that she still feels uneasy. Featherstone assures her she’s not crazy.

Cassidy tells Tulip that he’s going out to breakfast with Denis and the girls. After he leaves, Featherstone comments that Cassidy is attractive.

Jesse asks the Pope and Archbishop if they know where God is. The Archbishop says that God is on the run from a cabal of angels, while the Pope claims that God gave up on man and created a new species. Jesse realizes that neither knows where God is. “The boy, he knows,” says the Pope. Starr quickly ushers them out. Using Genesis, Jesse demands to know who the boy is. “He’s the Messiah,” Starr says.

Flash back to the ancient cave. Jesus’s lover gives her baby — Jesus’s baby — to Thaddeus. Thaddeus vows to protect the baby and his blood line, then orders the mother to be killed.

Starr tells Jesse that the Grail has protected Christ’s lineage in preparation for the end of the world, at which point the Messiah — Jesus’s 25th great-grandson — will reveal himself. Using Genesis, Jesus commands Starr to bring him to the Messiah.

Cassidy and Denis take their dates to the arcade. Denis bites his date in a photo booth, scaring the women off. Cassidy reminds Denis that he cannot act on his new appetites. Cassidy throws away the photo evidence of Denis biting his date.

Tulip and Featherstone play video games at Denis’ apartment. Featherstone speaks enviously of Tulip’s life of robbing banks in Dallas and looking for God. Tulip glares at Featherstone and says she never told her about Dallas. Featherstone insists that Tulip told her about Dallas, then asks to use the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Featherstone calls Hoover to ask for his help. When she walks out, Tulip confronts her about Dallas and demands to know Featherstone’s true identity. They’re interrupted by belligerent knocking on the door. Hoover — pretending to be “Rodney,” the ex of Featherstone’s “Jenny” cover identity — yells in the hallway.

“Rodney” smacks Featherstone. Tulip hits him with a guitar and Featherstone kicks him in the ribs. They break out in laughter.

Tulip treats Featherstone’s wound in Denis’s bathroom. Featherstone notices the loose tile hiding the Saint’s weapons and suggests Tulip fix it.

Starr puts a hood over Jesse’s head and they embark on the long journey to the Messiah’s hiding spot. They finally arrive at their destination.

Starr and Jesse enter the Messiah’s chamber. Jesse kneels before the Messiah and asks if he’s on the right path. The Messiah urinates on Jesse and reveals himself to be an inbred simpleton named Humperdoo. Jesse stares at Humperdoo’s desk and sees drawings of dogs. Jesse uses Genesis to ask Humperdoo where God is. Humperdoo grows extremely agitated.

Tulip starts to fix the loose bathroom tile but gets sidetracked by Cassidy, who invites her to play video games.

Featherstone watches Tulip on the spy camera. She tells Hoover that Tulip almost fixed the loose tile but got distracted by Cassidy. She expresses an intense desire to kill Tulip. Hoover reminds her that Starr merely ordered them to break up Tulip and Jesse.

Tulip finally goes to fix the tile and discovers the Saint’s guns and sword hidden underneath.

Back in his jeep, Starr tells Jesse that he has wasted his life serving someone who cannot rule. He proposes that Jesse fill the vacuum left by God. “Why go on looking for God when you can just be him?” he asks. Jesse accuses him of blasphemy.

Starr drops Jesse off at the apartment complex and again offers to help him find God. Jesse insists that he has friends who can help him. “Do you?” Starr asks. Jesse sees Denis swagger down the street with blood on his face. Starr tells Jesse to think about his proposition.