Season 2, Episode 9

Puzzle Piece

Jesse gets a breakthrough; Tulip continues to spiral; Cassidy makes a life-changing decision for Denis.

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Full Recap

Grail agents clean Herr Starr’s office and leave a stack of files on his desk, including Jesse’s file.

Jesse sits on his bed and relives the memory of his father’s death.

Jesse searches for God sightings on YouTube. Cassidy defrosts frozen blood and tells Jesse that Denis is feeling better. Tulip returns from the Hurt Locker and soothes her bruises with a bag of frozen blood. Cassidy suggests she stop visiting the Hurt Locker. Jesse interrupts Cassidy and urges Tulip to rest, then uses Genesis to put her to sleep.

Featherstone shows Starr the surveillance footage of Jesse putting Tulip to sleep. Starr is unimpressed by Jesse’s so-called power and orders Featherstone and Hoover to kill Jesse’s group.

In a van, a team of Grail agents gear up with guns, helmets, and night vision goggles. They arrive at Denis’s apartment complex.

The agents enter Denis’s apartment and open fire on Cassidy as he attacks them. They shoot Denis in bed. Jesse attacks Phil, one of the agents, then uses Genesis to force him to kill the other agents. Jesse tries to interrogate Phil but Denis, now a vampire, attacks and devours him before he can ask any questions.

Starr dines with a date at an upscale restaurant and admits he’s been feeling “disenchanted.” His date tells him she used to feel the same way until she made a developmentally challenged boy smile. Starr scoffs at her story then orders her to remove her shirt and hold butter under her chin. A man whispers a message into Starr’s ear. He leaves her standing with the butter.

In his office, Starr gets ready to execute Featherstone and Hoover for botching Jesse’s death. Featherstone suggests they activate “Brad” to kill Jesse. Starr agrees, but threatens to kill her and Hoover if they fail again. In the meantime, he asks them to order him some prostitutes to play out a rape fantasy.

Tulip wakes up and finds the bloody aftermath of the previous night’s attack. Jesse uses Genesis to direct a team of police to set up a perimeter and protect them from the next attack.

Jesse watches the entrance to the building complex from a window. He checks in with the perimeter cops via walkie talkie.

In the apartment down the hall, Featherstone calls Starr and informs him that “Brad” is in transit.

Starr watches surveillance footage of a conversation between Jesse and Cassidy, in which Jesse worries about the chaos that will ensue without God. Starr gets an idea and begins to look through Jesse’s file.

Denis feeds blood to Cassidy, who is healing from the gunshot wounds. Cassidy reminds Denis that the only time vampires drink blood is when they need to heal.

Jesse asks Cassidy if he will be ready to fight that night. Cassidy says he will try his best but worries about Tulip’s state of mind.

Jesse sits down with Tulip and recalls that she once got over a severe earache by taking on a big fight. He proposes she get over her funk by engaging in a good fight. Tulip admonishes Jesse for using Genesis to get her to sleep, but agrees to gear up for the fight that night.

Tulip stops by Featherstone’s apartment and asks “Jenny” to borrow her gun. Featherstone loans it to her.

That night, a cleaning company van parks in front of the apartment complex. A cop informs Jesse that a man has arrived to clean the bloody mess.

The cleaner enters the apartment and starts cleaning the kitchen. Cassidy gets out of bed to prepare for the fight. Jesse stares out the window, waiting for the attack.

Tension rises as Jesse waits for the attack. Denis plays music and dances in his room. A jittery Tulip aims her gun at the ceiling. Outside, a large man in a mask approaches an officer. Jesse starts to run outside but races back to the apartment when he hears a gunshot. Inside, Tulip has shot and injured the cleaner after mistaking his cleaning product for a gun.

The officers report to Jesse that they’ve apprehended the intruder who turns out to be a harmless street drunk. Despite the false alarm, Jesse maintains that an attack is imminent.

Meanwhile, a drone cruises through the sky toward New Orleans. It’s a Battle-Ready Remote-Operated Aerial Drone — or, B.R.A.D.

Hoover informs Featherstone that they have 23 minutes until impact and suggests they evacuate. Featherstone insists on staying so that she can witness Grail’s precise engineering in action. She fantasizes about dying for the cause.

Starr studies a flyer for Angelville, which he found in Jesse’s folder. Three male prostitutes barge into the office. Starr tells them that he wanted women but they proceed to rape him at his desk. As he endures the sex, Starr looks at Jesse’s file and gets an idea.

After the prostitutes have left, Starr calls Featherstone and instructs her to call off B.R.A.D.

Featherstone sits at her computer and enters new coordinates for B.R.A.D. A fireball rises in the distance as B.R.A.D. crashes into Harry Connick Jr.’s house.

Jesse continues his surveillance for one more week. Finally, he uses Genesis to release the cops from his power. He throws his walkie talkie on the ground in frustration.

Jesse drinks alone at a bar. Starr sits next to him and introduces himself. “I hear you’ve been looking for God,” he says.