Season 2, Episode 8


Jesse investigates a clue about God; Tulip makes friends with a new neighbor; a glimpse into Cassidy's past relationship with Denis.

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Full Recap

In Hell, Superintendent Mannering stops by the holding room and drops her pen cap while writing a note. A prisoner picks it up for her. She admonishes the prisoner for his good deed and sends him to the Hole. Eugene shoves Hitler and looks nervously at the surveillance camera.

In 1946, Cassidy sings to baby Denis in a hospital nursery and promises to be a good father. He takes a swig from his flask.

In the present, Cassidy watches Denis wheeze with pain and asks if he can help. Denis glares at him beseechingly, but Cassidy refuses to turn him into a vampire.

Tulip reads in the kitchen in the middle of the night and asks Cassidy if he wants to go out. Cassidy says he’s staying home with Denis and suggests she get some sleep. Tulip goes out by herself.

Cassidy wakes up to find Denis speaking into the translation app on his phone. Denis grows agitated. “Bite me,” the phone translates.

Lara Featherstone sits in an apartment in Denis’s building and watches footage from surveillance cameras hidden in Denis’s apartment. She informs her partner, Hoover, that Herr Starr is on the way.

Jesse tells Cassidy that he’s going to Circuit Works to see if video enhancements might reveal any clues in the audition video. Cassidy asks Jesse to help Denis live by using Genesis, but Jesse says Genesis should not be used for such purposes.

Tulip passes Jesse in the hallway after spending the night at the Hurt Locker. She asks to join him at Circuit Works.

Jesse gives the audition video to the Dork Docs at Circuit Works and asks if they can detect the serial number on a gun by enhancing the image.

Tulip purchases a new refrigerator for Denis’s apartment and leaves Jesse by himself. Jesse realizes she only accompanied him to buy the fridge, not to help search for God.

In Hell, Mannering tells the holding room prisoners that the projectors malfunctioned because of a drain on the central generator, which was caused by a surplus of one prisoner. She demands to know which of them is not supposed to be in Hell. Eugene starts to raise his hand then stops — but not before Hitler notices. Everyone else raises their hand. Mannering vows to find out who it is.

Hitler confronts Eugene and guesses that Eugene does not belong in Hell. He warns Eugene that when Mannering figures out he’s an impostor, she will punish him rather than release him. To prove his point, Hitler trips someone, prompting Eugene to instinctively help the prisoner up. Mannering comes to the holding room to punish Eugene for his kind deed.

A Circuit Works employee removes the old fridge in Denis’s apartment. Tulip stares at the bullet hole in the wall.

Cassidy takes care of Denis as he vomits up blood.

Cassidy casually asks Tulip if she would ever want the immortality of a vampire. He describes the pitfalls of being a vampire, such as having to avoid the sun and watching everyone die around you.

Tulip peers through the bullet hole and sees a trail of bullet holes in all the adjacent apartments.

The Dork Docs tell Jesse that the serial number on the gun was scrubbed off. Jesse asks them to enhance a reflection in the slate.

Tulip spackles the bullet hole in Denis’sapartment then spackles the bullet hole in the adjacent apartment.

Mannering pushes Eugene into the Hole. A projector replays the Eugene’s worst memory with Tracy. This time, however, Tracy kisses Eugene back. Their intimate moment is interrupted by Jesse. Tracy tells Eugene that she promised herself to God and proceeds to make out with Jesse. Eugene screams and picks up the rifle to shoot himself.

Denis coughs into a bucket and again begs Cassidy to bite him.

Eugene returns to the holding room and crawls into bed. Hitler tells Eugene that they will send him back to the Hole once they find out he doesn’t belong in Hell. He offers to help Eugene escape.

Tulip stops by the last apartment in the hall. Featherstone cautiously answers the door in a wig and invites Tulip inside.

Jesse prays to God for help, but the Dork Docs inform Jesse that the reflection in the slate was merely a coffee pot. Jesse storms out. The Dork Docs shred the DVD.

Tulip spackles the hole in Lara’s apartment and notices Featherstone’s gun. Featherstone introduces herself as “Jennie” and explains that she’s simply taking precautions against her ex. Tulip suggests she and “Jennie” visit the Hurt Locker some time.

Cassidy calls a friend, Seamus, to seek his advice about Denis. Seamus urges him to let Denis die rather than turn him into a vampire.

Cassidy sings to Denis in bed and holds his hand.