Season 2, Episode 7


Tulip confronts her near-death experience; Denis asks Cassidy for a favor; Jesse questions the price of saving Cassidy and Tulip.

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Full Recap

In the jungles of Vietnam, a married couple spots something outside their hut. The wife screams.

Herr Starr travels to the Vietnamese couple’s house and finds a pig floating in their yard. A crowd of locals and tourists gawk and take photos.

Two carts — one labeled “Drunk” and one labeled “Dead” — search the streets of New Orleans for people lying in the street. The men operating the carts shocks a young woman with a cattle prod. When she moans, they place her on the “Drunk” cart.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy stand outside a jazz club after striking out on their search for God. In the street, a doomsday preacher talks about the end of the world. Cassidy suggests they take a break from their search.

Jesse’s gang heads to the Hurt Locker bar. A man shoots another patron in the chest. The “victim,” wearing a bulletproof vest, gets up within 10 seconds. The crowd exchanges money to settle up their bets. Tulip volunteers her “boyfriend” Cassidy to be shot.

As Tulip straps a bulletproof vest onto Cassidy, Jesse arrives at the bar and denounces the game as ungodly.

The bartender tells Tulip that players get more money for bigger guns. Tulip picks the biggest gun.

Tulip kisses Cassidy as the shooter loads his gun. The shooter fires at Cassidy and accidentally “kills” him. Jesse calls for the police, causing the crowd to flee. Tulip revives Cassidy by feeding him blood while Jesse grabs the bet money from a box.

Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip, and Denis hang out at the bar. Jesse notes that Tulip has been acting strange ever since the Saint of Killers attacked her. He assures her that the Saint is gone. They leave the bar together.

Denis talks to Cassidy at the bar. A French professor translates and tells Cassidy that Denis is dying of a heart disease and would like Cassidy to help him become immortal. Cassidy refuses. Meanwhile, on the TV, a reporter says that the floating pig might be a viral marketing hoax.

In Vietnam, Herr Starr speaks to an associate by phone and requests extra operatives. As he drinks a cup of water, he gets an idea and hatches a new plan.

Flash back to 2004: A man named Saltonstall meets with Herr Starr in his office and says that his organization, the Grail, shares Herr Starr’s desire to “sweep the streets clean of the parasites that befoul our society.”

Sanitation workers find Cassidy lying in the street and load him onto a cart labeled, “Dead.”

Tulip has a nightmare about the Saint and wakes up terrified. She puts a kettle on the stove and closes a window, only to find the window open again moments later. The Saint grabs her by the face and shoots her. She wakes up again: It was all a nightmare.

Tulip tells Jesse that she dreamed about the Saint again and points out that the Saint would have killed her if it hadn’t been for Cassidy. Jesse bristles and leaves to interrogate the doomsday preacher.

At the morgue, Cassidy bangs on the door of a compartment where his body has been locked away.

In a flashback, Saltonstall stands before a line of candidates who are being considered to join the Grail. The candidates begin a series of trials that test their physical prowess, combat skills and seduction powers. Herr Starr bests an opponent at wrestling by distracting his opponent with masturbation. He convinces a woman to give him a microfiche by threatening to kill her family. He endures intense electric shocks. In a final trial, Jimmy, the remaining competitor, shoots a target in the bullseye. Herr Starr aims his gun — and shoots Jimmy.

Saltonstall welcomes Herr Starr to the Grail and reveals that the source of their power is Christ. When Herr Starr groans, Saltonstall explains that Jesus is real and lives in a top secret location. He says that Jesus fathered a child and that the Grail has protected his lineage in preparation for the end of the world.

Herr Starr admires the white suit that will become his new uniform.

Saltonstall tells Herr Starr that he will help lead the Samson Unit, which handles false prophets. Herr Starr pushes Saltonstall over a balcony and takes over his office.

Jesse asks the doomsday preacher if he’s crazy or a con man. The preacher suggests they talk over beers.

A morgue worker escorts Cassidy out of the morgue and apologizes for the mistake. Cassidy sees a daughter grieving for her dead father.

Tulip goes back to the Hurt Locker and admits to the patrons that she and her friends tricked them and stole their money. She encourages them to earn their money back.

A bar patron aims his gun at Tulip. She pretends the shooter is the Saint. He shoots. She falls back, gets up and tells him to shoot again.

Jesse talks to the doomsday preacher about the end of the world. He mentions that a parishioner gave away 1 percent of his soul to help a friend. The preacher says that men selling off their souls is a sure sign of the apocalypse and adds that the parishioner should have donated a kidney if he really wanted to help his friend.

In Vietnam, Herr Starr stands over the dead pig and tells his associate on the phone that the situation has been handled. The crowd from the hut lies dead on the ground. He receives instructions to travel to New Orleans to deal with a preacher named Jesse Custer.

At Denis’ house, Jesse watches a news report about the pig in Vietnam. A reporter says that toxic water was responsible for killing the entire village and making the pig float.