Season 2, Episode 6


The Saint corners the trio; Jesse makes a deal with the killer Cowboy; Jesse races to save Tulip and Cassidy.

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Full Recap

A Japanese technician explains a medical procedure to a husband and wife and informs them that they can get double their money’s worth if they opt for 15 percent. The husband signs an agreement.

The technician inserts a needle into the husband and fills a vial with 15 percent of the husband’s soul. He hands the wife a check for $150,000.

The technician gets inside an armored vehicle for the company Soul Happy Go Go. Guards lock the door behind him.

The Soul Happy Go Go crew picks up sausages from a food truck then proceeds to their next client.

Inside a mansion, a husband introduces the technician to his wife, Millie, who suffers from dementia.

The technician places a vial of soul matter on one side of a scale and Milly’s wedding ring on the other side. The scale registers a close match. He converts the soul matter into a pill and gives it to Milly, instantly curing her dementia. The husband pays the technician.

The guards lock the technician back inside the vehicle and drive off.

At Denis’s apartment, Cassidy helps Denis tie his shoes. Denis pushes him away and yells in French.

Tulip makes pancakes for Jesse and Cassidy. Jesse proposes they get back on track with the God search and brings up his encounter with Lara Featherstone, arousing Tulip’s jealousy.

Meanwhile, Viktor’s daughter Allie brings the Saint of Killers to Denis’s apartment building. Allie points to one of the apartment doors, then runs. The Saint breaks into the apartment and shoots a man inside once he realizes Jesse isn’t there. The bullet travels through the apartment walls.

Jesse hears the bullet.

The Saint kills residents inside another apartment.

Jesse goes to the refrigerator and finds the Saint’s bullet in a carton of yogurt. He warns the others.

The Saint arrives at Denis’s apartment and finds it empty. He sees Jesse’s name spelled with M&Ms on a pancake.

Jesse gets off the phone with the Mumbai Sky Tower and tells Cassidy and Tulip that Fiore is dead. He wonders why Genesis doesn’t work on the Saint.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy go to the library to read about the Saint. They learn from a book about American psychopaths that the Saint’s soul shattered into a million pieces following the death of his wife and daughter, making him the only living man without a soul.

Cassidy calls Denis to warn him about the Saint, but it’s too late. The Saint finds Denis and aims his gun. “Don’t hurt him, I’m coming,” Jesse tells the Saint through the phone.

At the apartment, Jesse tells the Saint that God has disappeared and shows him the audition tape as proof. Jesse says that while God can no longer send him to Heaven, he has the power to help. The Saint gives Jesse one hour to get him into Heaven.

Jesse informs Tulip, Cassidy and Denis that the Saint is taking them hostage while he finds him a soul.

Jesse visits Papa Bebe at the House of Voodoo and introduces himself as Jesse L’Angelle. He gives Papa Bebe the Saint’s bullet and asks for a matching soul. Papa Bebe informs Jesse that he no longer sells souls because the Japanese cornered the soul-selling market. He sees the Soul Happy Go Go vehicle on the street and points it out to Jesse.

Jesse tries to talk to the Soul Happy crew inside the vehicle, but the guards ignore him.

Tulip calls Jesse and informs him that Denis is getting sick without his asthma medication. Jesse asks her to help him break into an armored vehicle. She lists off supplies to manufacture a bomb.

Jesse purchases the supplies at a nearby hardware store and detonates his handmade bomb on the vehicle, to no avail. A police car pulls up behind him.

Cassidy caresses Denis’ head and tells Tulip that Denis is his son.

Tulip asks the Saint to release Denis so that he can get his medicine. The Saint grabs her by the face and throws her to the ground. A visibly rattled Tulip rejoins Cassidy.

Jesse commands policemen to order the guards to open the Soul Happy Go Go vehicle.

The technician tests a number of soul vials for Jesse but none are a match for the Saint. Tulip calls Jesse to check on his progress. Jesse assures her he’s working on it. Jesse then asks the technician to test his own soul: It’s a match.

The technician extracts 1 percent of Jesse’s soul, which he says is the minimum amount required.

At the one-hour mark, the Saint hauls Tulip to the kitchen and raises his sword to kill her. Cassidy grabs the sword, slicing his fingers off. Jesse arrives just in time.

Tulip takes Cassidy and Denis to a hospital.

The Saint ingests the soul pill. Jesse commands the Saint to get on his knees and explains that the Saint is no longer immune to Genesis, now that he has a soul. Jesse threatens to send the Saint back to Hell but the Saint reminds him that he would be sending a piece of his soul to Hell as well.

Jesse puts the Saint in the armored vehicle and sends the vehicle into a swamp. “Preacher!” the Saint screams as the vehicle sinks.

Back home, Cassidy introduces Denis to a new TV system. He checks on Tulip, who is still shaken by her encounter with the Saint.

Jesse hides the Saint’s weapons underneath the floor tiles in Denis’s bathroom.