Season 2, Episode 5


After learning about Tulip's secret relationship, we revisit Jesse and Tulip's rocky past and see a darker side of Jesse.


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Full Recap

Jesse reels from the news that Tulip is Viktor’s wife. Tulip explains that she and Viktor were just in the middle of discussing divorce. Jesse punches Viktor and drags him downstairs.

Jesse drags Viktor to the torture chamber and hangs him from the ceiling in a harness. Tulip tries to stop him from hurting Viktor, but Jesse uses Genesis to push her out of the room.

In a flashback, Tulip miscarries after Carlos abandons her and Jesse during the bank robbery. Three months later, Jesse lounges at home in a disheveled state. Tulip suggests Jesse shower before dinner with their former boss, Dany.

At dinner, Tulip tells Dany that she’s working as a realtor while Jesse tends bar. Dany tries to convince Tulip and Jesse to come back and work for her. She reaches into her briefcase to present them with prospective contract work, including a job with Viktor, but Jesse and Tulip refuse to go back. Tulip asks if Dany has heard anything from Carlos, but Dany says she has no news.

Later in the bathroom, Tulip and Jesse look at the results of a pregnancy test together. It’s negative.

Jesse and Tulip have sex.

Jesse wakes up and drinks a can of beer from his bedside table. He finds Tulip holding a stool in the kitchen and asks what she’s doing. She evades his question.

In the present, Jesse grabs a tool to torture Viktor.

Tulip brings Allie, Viktor’s daughter, to Denis’s house and yells at Cassidy for telling Jesse about Viktor. She vows to break up with Jesse if he kills Viktor. Cassidy leaves the apartment to speak with Jesse.

Viktor tells Jesse that when Tulip first came to work for him, she had clearly just been through some sort of hell. “It was you,” he sneers.

In a flashback, Jesse walks to a convenience store and buys beer, cigarettes and a pregnancy test. He walks back home.

Tulip and Jesse check a pregnancy test again. It’s negative.

Jesse drinks beer while watching TV. He walks to the convenience store. He has sex with Tulip. He buys beer, cigarettes and a pregnancy test. The cycle repeats, over and over.

Before checking a pregnancy test, Jesse prays to God for a baby. The test is negative. The cycle continues.

Jesse and Tulip attend church service.

While fixing a fire alarm at home, Jesse notices a blue bag stashed in a vent.

Tulip returns home from work. Jesse confronts her about the blue bag, which is filled with cash. Tulip admits that she quit her real estate job after three weeks and resumed working for Dany. Jesse also waves a packet of birth control pills that he found. Tulip confesses that the life Jesse wants feels wrong for her. Jesse lashes out and says that Tulip doesn’t deserve that life. Tulip says Jesse will never be forgiven, despite his desire to be a good guy like his father.

Jesse tells Tulip that he’s going to become a preacher at his father’s old church in Annville. “Good luck with that,” she says.

In the present, Cassidy talks with Jesse in Viktor’s bedroom and insists that Tulip loves him. Jesse questions why he should believe Cassidy, since he’s been lying to him this entire road trip. Cassidy assures Jesse that he’s on his side, whether he decides to kill Viktor or not.

Jesse goes back to the torture chamber and grabs an axe. Viktor tells Jesse that Tulip married him because he was nice, while Jesse was an asshole. Jesse swings the axe.

Jesse returns to Denis’s apartment. “I took him down,” he tells Tulip and Cassidy. Tulip screams at Jesse, who quickly clarifies that he took Viktor down from the harness, in exchange for divorce papers. Tulip kisses him. Jesse apologizes for being bad for her, but Tulip says they’re bad for each other.

In a flashback, Tulip and Viktor play Monopoly in his bedroom. Viktor kisses her gently on the head then leaves to speak with Pat. While he’s gone, Tulip receives a call from Dany alerting her that she found Carlos. Tulip asks if Jesse knows.

Viktor returns to his bedroom and finds Tulip gone. Her drawers are empty.

In the present, Viktor reads to Allie in his room. They hear gunfire downstairs. Allie hides while Viktor waits with his gun. The Saint of Killers shoots one of Viktor’s men through the door. “Preacher,” he growls at Viktor before killing him. He finds Allie sobbing in the closet. Allie offers to tell him where Jesse is staying.