Season 2, Episode 4


Jesse pursues a lead and dives deeper into his search for God with Cassidy and we discover more about Tulip's secret past.

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Full Recap

At the laundromat, Viktor’s thug Nick confiscates Tulip’s gun then carts her off in a black SUV.

Jesse arrives at Denis’s apartment. Cassidy informs him that Tulip went out the previous night and never returned. Jesse acts unconcerned and assures Cassidy that the behavior is normal for Tulip.

Viktor’s thugs bring Tulip to the Kruglov mansion and seat her in Viktor’s office. She hears a man screaming next door in the torture chamber. Cassidy texts to ask Tulip if she’s okay. Before she can reply, Viktor exits the torture chamber and sits across from her. “What are we going to do with you?” he asks.

Eugene and Hitler meet in the hallway of their cell block after a projector malfunction unlocks all the cell doors. Other prisoners step out of their cells. Tyler, one of the prisoners, mocks Eugene’s face. Hitler defends Eugene. The alarm sounds and everyone returns to their cells. Hitler invites Eugene into his cell when Eugene gets locked out of his.

Inside Hitler’s cell, the projector starts up and reveals Hitler dining with a woman in Munich, circa 1919. The woman encourages Hitler to show his drawings to a gallery owner. Hitler weakly agrees with the woman as she condemns Communists.

The projectors malfunction again, unlocking all the cell doors. When Eugene begins to question Hitler about his version of Hell, Hitler urges Eugene to return to his cell.

Pat, one of Viktor’s henchmen, listens to music while torturing a victim.

Viktor accuses Tulip of making a fool out of him after he brought her into his family. He tells Tulip to walk around the mansion and meditate on her response. Tulip receives another concerned text from Cassidy.

Denis watches an informercial about Hurricane Katrina on TV. Cassidy tells Jesse he’s concerned about Tulip, but Jesse explains that Tulip often disappears when they’re in the middle of a fight. Jesse tells Cassidy about Lara and the secret organization of men in white suits.

Meanwhile, a white van pulls up to Denis’s house. An man named Hoover jumps out and starts spinning a giant ad. He tells someone on a mic that he’s in position.

Cassidy watches the Katrina infomercial and suddenly recognizes on of the actors in the commercial as God from Jesse’s phone call to Heaven. Jesse concludes that “Fake God” is a local actor.

A janitor tries to fix Eugene’s projector. Superintendent Mannering tells Eugene to come with her while his projector is under repair.

Jesse and Cassidy ring the doorbell of the Teddy Gunt talent agency and explain that they’re looking for the actor Mark Harelik.

Tulip wanders around Viktor’s mansion and gets the cold shoulder from everyone on Viktor’s staff. She admits to Nick that she messed up, but he ignores her.

Cassidy tells Teddy Gunt that they want to cast Mark Harelik in Game of Thrones. Teddy excitedly works out a deal with Cassidy but confesses that he hasn’t heard from Mark ever since his out-of-town audition for a God role. Jesse asks for a copy of Mark’s audition tape.

Mannering tells Eugene that she’s putting him in the holding cell while they fix his projector, and she threatens to put him in “the hole” if he gets out of line. A guard reveals a steam-filled hole in the floor. Mannering also warns that Eugene’s sweet behavior will not be tolerated in Hell.

Tulip joins Viktor’s daughter, Ellie, at the dining room table. Ellie spits in her face and says she hopes Viktor kills Tulip.

Jesse and Cassidy watch Mark’s audition tape. An off-camera director offers Mark the part then shoots him dead in order to send him up to Heaven. Cassidy suggests they look for Tulip but Jesse is too engrossed in his search for God.

Tulip tries to open Viktor’s gun safe but Nick catches her and tells her they changed the combination. She beats him up and takes his gun.

Tulip goes to Viktor’s bedroom and holds a gun to his head and tells him to let her go. Viktor’s thugs tackle her. Pat offers to torture her but Viktor tells him to leave her to him.

A guard takes Eugene to the holding room. Tyler again mocks Eugene. Hitler orders Tyler to stop but doesn’t fight back when Tyler punches him. The other prisoners join in and beat up Hitler. Eugene asks them to stop but then remembers Mannering’s warning and joins the assault.

Cassidy tells Jesse that Tulip may be in trouble. He breaks his promise to Tulip and tells Jesse about Viktor.

Jesse shows up at the Kruglov mansion. Using Genesis, Jesse commands Viktor’s thugs to stand down. Pat knocks him unconscious in the torture room.

When Jesse comes to, Pat attacks him while listening to music on his headphones. Jesse orders him to stop but Pat’s earbuds protect him from hearing Jesse’s command. Jesse finally stabs Pat, removes his earbuds and asks where Tulip is. Pat tells him Tulip is in the upstairs bedroom.

Jesse storms into Viktor’s bedroom and starts to strangle Viktor. Tulip stops Jesse and tells him that Viktor is her husband.

Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers arrives in New Orleans.