Season 1, Episode 9

Call and Response

Jesse and his congregation call Heaven in an attempt to get answers from God. After learning a shocking truth, Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip set out on a new mission.

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Full Recap

Jesse flees from cops in the streets of Annville.

Tulip races back to Annville in her car and meets Mosie, who tells her that Donnie has Jesse.

At the Schenck house, Donnie spanks Betsy while she wears a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume.

A smiling Donnie and Betsy sit at their kitchen table, pleased to have things back to normal between them. Tulip storms into the Schenck home with a gun, demanding to know where Jesse is. She manages to break a glass door and likely Betsy’s nose before Jesse steps into the kitchen, relaxed and clean from a shower.

Cassidy sits in a cell at the Annville jail. Sheriff Root demands to know Eugene’s whereabouts. He reviews Cassidy’s lengthy criminal record, noting the questionable range of years he’s been alive, deducing that Cassidy is a vampire. He shoots Cassidy then fills a cup with blood from a thermos. “It’s going to be a long night,” he says, handing Cassidy the blood.

Donnie tells Tulip that he refrained from killing Jesse at the church because Jesse had shown him mercy in the gas station men’s room. He credits Jesse for his choice to not be the bad guy.

Tulip takes Jesse to her car and pops open the trunk. Carlos is inside bound at his ankles and wrists, a gag in his mouth. “Kill him,” she says.

In a flashback, Carlos stands guard outside a Dallas bank as Jesse and Tulip empty safety deposit boxes into duffle bags. Carlos checks in and finds them flirting. They give him the two duffel bags full of money to stow in the getaway car.

Carlos puts the bags in the car then walks back inside. Through his earpiece, he hears Jesse and Tulip flirt and joke. Upset by what he hears, he cuts a bank guard loose and leaves the bank.

The security alarm rings. Jesse and Tulip stand outside the bank, Jesse having just shot the guard. Carlos drives off without them. Tulip doubles over in pain. “The baby,” she says through the pain.

Back in the present, Jesse asks Carlos why he double-crossed them. “You were happy,” Carlos says. Jesse shuts the trunk.

In the control room at Quincannon Meat & Power, Pappy talks to his wife on the phone. He looks out upon a giant repository of manure waste.

Cassidy drinks blood in his cell and removes a bullet from his body. Sheriff Root again asks where Eugene is. Cassidy says that Jesse sent Eugene to Hell. He asks Sheriff Root if he’s a little bit relieved that Eugene is gone. “Eugene’s a good boy,” Sheriff Root replies, fighting to hold in his emotion. Cassidy agrees, adding he’s annoyingly good and that he doesn’t know how Sheriff Root sits across from him every morning. Sheriff Root shoots Cassidy repeatedly. Fed up, he releases him.

Jesse refuses to kill Carlos, but Tulip insists someone must pay for their lost baby. Jesse grabs a garbage bag and goes to the car.

Jesse places the garbage bag over Carlos’ head and aims his gun. Tulip stops him and changes her mind. Warmed by the fact that Jesse would be willing to do it, she says it was the thought that counts.

Jesse and Tulip release Carlos from the trunk. They hand him a crowbar and gun to even the playing field in the beating he’s about to get. Later, Carlos hobbles down the sidewalk, alive but severely beaten.

The next morning, Betsy tells officers guarding the church that Jesse and Tulip are at her house. After the cops leave, Jesse and Tulip climb out of Betsy’s trunk.

Jesse, Tulip, Donnie and Betsy clean up the chapel in preparation for Sunday services. Betsy helps Jesse figure out how to use the God phone.

Jesse and Tulip wait in the common room as the congregation cheers in the chapel. Tulip insists they get french fries after the service.

Cassidy joins Tulip in the chapel. She hugs him.

Jesse takes his place at the pulpit. Quincannon quickly takes the attention of the room, stating he thinks the preacher is “full of sh—.” He praises the “god of meat” as the real God and then gives the attention of a now confused audience over to Jesse.

Confused himself by the speech, Jesse quickly moves on, putting the angel hand on the God phone to place the call. After a long moment of silence, the room goes dark and God appears on a large video projection. At Jesse’s insistence, God takes questions from the audience. Jesse senses something amiss and calls God an impostor. The angel pretending to be God finally admits that God is missing. Off-screen angels grab the impostor and end the transmission. Silence descends. People sob. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave.

An angry mob destroys the chapel.

Emily tells her children that nothing has changed. “We don’t need God,” she says. “We never did.”

Chief Red Savage smokes a cigarette then hangs himself from a tree. A group of schoolchildren murder Linus on his schoolbus. Mrs. Loach euthanizes her daughter. Donnie lies listless in bed next to Betsy, suffering from sexual performance issues again. Quincannon cradles a heap of ground meat stuffed into his dead daughter’s ski parka.

A “danger” sign flashes in the control room. A prostitute tries to stop the alarm as Pappy lies dead in the room. “Uh oh,” she says through the ball gag in her mouth.

Methane gas blasts out of pipes throughout the town.

Chief Red Savage and the Prairie Dog hang dead from a tree. The embers of the Chief’s cigarette ignite the methane. A massive explosion destroys the church and incinerates all of Annville.

The shuttle to Hell returns. Fiore steps off alone.

Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip eat fries at a diner. Jesse proposes they hit the road and find God. With everyone in agreement, they prepare to leave. Jesse pays the cashier: It’s “Eugene.” Jesse vows to the hallucination that he’ll get him out of Hell. After Jesse leaves, a TV station reports that a methane explosion leveled Annville after an excess accumulation of cow manure. No survivors are expected.

In the parking lot, Tulip asks Jesse how Genesis works. He employs the Word of God and tells Tulip to kiss him. As Cassidy watches, Tulip kisses Jesse. She then punches him, ordering him to never do it again. They get in the car and drive off.

Meanwhile, the seraphim emerges from the wreckage in Annville. The Cowboy shoots her dead. “Preacher,” he growls.