Season 1, Episode 8

Finish the Song

Jesse is on the run from Sheriff Root, but plans to save his church by literally calling down God. Emily makes a drastic choice to help Cassidy. The Cowboy exacts revenge on the town of Ratwater, which has a surprising connection to Annville.

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Full Recap

In Ratwater in 1881, a boy looks out the window of the schoolhouse as an ominous shadow is cast upon his face.

The Cowboy enters Cooley’s Inn & Saloon. All goes quiet at the sight of him. The preacher who killed his horse introduces the Cowboy as the Butcher of Gettysburg and tells the Cowboy to declare his love for Jesus. The Cowboy dumps a bag of children’s heads on the floor then slaughters everyone in the saloon. The earth quakes.

In the present, Sheriff Root drives Jesse to the police station and demands to know where Eugene is, ignoring Jesse’s claim that he sent Eugene to Hell. Jesse picks the lock on the car door with an ink pen and leaps out of the car.

Fiore and DeBlanc inform a travel agent that they want to go to Hell. The agent furtively closes the shades of the travel agency and enters their names into a computer. She takes their money and prints out tickets.

Emily arrives at Walter’s house to help Tulip. Tulip informs her that Cassidy is a vampire and requires the blood of living animals in order to heal from his sun burns. She indicates caged animals around the house and gives Emily feeding instructions. She tells Emily she’s done with Jesse and she’s leaving. “Where you going?” Emily asks. She tells her she’s going to Albuquerque to kill a man.

Two congregants living under a bridge help Jesse get out of his handcuffs and cook Jesse some food. They ask him how he plans to bring God to church. “You’ll see,” Jesse says.

Emily holds a guinea pig while staring petrified at the door to Cassidy’s room. Her phone rings, startling her. It’s Miles calling to confirm that he can pick up the kids from school. She hangs up then places the guinea pig in Cassidy’s room. She shuts the door and hears the guinea pig squeal. She peeks inside to discover Cassidy huddled in a corner, devouring the guinea pig. He gnashes his teeth at her. She recoils and shuts the door.

At the Sundowner Motel, Fiore and DeBlanc pack up their belongings. After a coin toss, they decide to call Heaven and confess rather than go to Hell. Appearing relieved, they look for the Heaven phone only to find it’s gone.

Jesse hides around the corner with the Heaven phone.

At Walter’s house, Emily watches Psycho while cradling a bunny. “Someone, please!” Cassidy screams from his room. Emily hears him and silently hatches a plan.

In Quincannon’s office, Miles watches a wrestling match between Quincannon’s men. He takes a phone call from Emily. “He’s gonna kill me,” she cries.

Miles arrives at Walter’s house and enters Cassidy’s room, calling Emily’s name. Emily locks the door behind him and allows Cassidy to devour him.

Sheriff Root arrives at Fiore and DeBlanc’s vacated room after a maid discovers the bloody mess inside. He finds the Seraphim in the bathtub, her legs and arms cut off, and orders an ambulance. “Kill me,” she begs. Sheriff Root reluctantly grants her wish and strangles her to death. She reinvigorates and leaves without him seeing her.

Fiore and DeBlanc board the shuttle to Hell.

Emily releases the caged animals in Walter’s backyard. Jesse shows up. Emily informs him that Tulip went to Albuquerque and that Cassidy is inside.

Jesse finds Cassidy huddled in a corner and apologizes for letting him burn. Cassidy points out that Jesse did eventually extinguish his burning body. Jesse offers to help get rid of Miles’s body.

Quincannon tells Donnie that Jesse escaped from Sheriff Root but gleefully anticipates the moment when Jesse will denounce God on Sunday. “The greatest lie ever told will get untold,” he says.

Cassidy tinkers with the Heaven phone at Walter’s house. Jesse remembers that they need angel hands to use it. Cassidy offers to get him the angel hands he needs.

Jesse leaves a voicemail with Tulip and reminisces about their past. “It’s just you till the end of the world,” he says.

Meanwhile, Tulip hears the voicemail as she sits across from a bound-and-gagged Carlos at his home in Albuquerque. She walks toward him with a mallet.

Back in Ratwater, 1881, we relive the Cowboy’s story, from the moment he leaves his sick daughter to the moment he slaughters everyone in the saloon. The sequence repeats over and over until, finally, two men enter the massacre scene at the saloon: It’s Fiore and DeBlanc, and this is Hell. DeBlanc offers to release the Cowboy from Hell if he helps them with a job. The Cowboy shoots DeBlanc then asks Fiore what the job is. “We want you to kill someone,” says Fiore. “A preacher.”

A storm brews outside Ratwater. The scalped Native Americans sway in the prairie tree. Cut to the present: Next to the same tree, Jesse and Cassidy dig up the grave where Cassidy buried Fiore and DeBlanc. Cassidy recovers one of their angel hands and gives it to Jesse. They drag Miles’s body into the grave and cover it back up with dirt.