Season 1, Episode 7

El Valero

Jesse faces off against Odin and his men as they attempt to take the church by force. The angels try one last time to retrieve Genesis from Jesse. Tulip becomes preoccupied with saving a friend.

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Full Recap

In Vail, a ski gondola carrying Odin Quincannon’s family plummets to the ground, killing everyone on board.

Quincannon sits dazed in his office. The room is filled with his family’s coffins as well as a cow. He calls John Custer in the middle of the night and asks him to come over. “Oh my God, what have you done?” John asks when he sees inside Odin’s office.

John finds Quincannon covered in blood. The coffins are pried open and the cow is slaughtered. Quincannon picks up two pieces of intestine — one his daughter’s, the other the cow’s — and points out how similar they are. “It’s all meat. There’s no spirit,” he realizes. He orders John to denounce God in front of his congregation. John walks out, but not quick enough, and young Jesse catches a glimpse of the horrific scene in Quincannon’s office.

Back in the present, Quincannon’s men storm the All Saint’s chapel. Jesse fights back and takes their weapons. The men retreat.

Jesse downs whiskey in the church and promises to abandon his power if God brings Eugene back. He hears a scratching sound coming from the spot where Eugene disappeared. He pulls Eugene out of the ground.

Jesse goes to the kitchen to get Eugene some water. As Eugene gulps it down, Jesse questions him about his experience in Hell. Fighting back tears, Eugene asks if they can stop talking about Hell.

Outside, Quincannon promises to build his men a food court if they drag Jesse out of the church. Cheers erupt from the excited men.

Jesse calls Sheriff Root to let him know he found Eugene. Moments later, he realizes that Eugene is just in his imagination.

Tulip adopts a dog, Brewski, from an animal shelter.

Miles visits Emily at home to tell her that Quincannon is tearing down the church. Emily immediately leaves for the church.

Jesse pours anointing oil into a whiskey bottle.

Outside, Donnie leads Quincannon’s men in a charge. Jesse shoots at them from the bell tower then tosses the flaming bottle of oil at Quincannon’s bulldozer. Clyde charges at the church while the rest of the men retreat.

From behind the fire and smoke, Clyde retreats from the church in a daze. Clearly in shock, he shows everyone his severed penis, which Jesse shot clean off.

Sheriff Root arrives. Quincannon tells him that Jesse has lost his mind. “Bring me the agents,” Jesse says on a loudspeaker. Although Quincannon is confused, Sheriff Root springs to action.

Fiore and DeBlanc haul a trunk toward the church and knock on the door. Jesse invites them in.

Townspeople set up camp outside the church to watch the battle unfold. Sheriff Root tells Quincannon that the church is holy ground, regardless of Jesse’s mental state. “That church is nothing more than wood and paint and bits of colored glass,” Quincannon says.

Jesse asks Fiore and DeBlanc if they can help bring Eugene back from Hell. They refuse to help until Jesse gives them Genesis.

Outside the church, Emily tells Miles that Jesse is simply defending his property against Quincannon’s illegal actions. Miles insists that Quincannon and Jesse’s bet was a legally binding agreement and points out that Quincannon is going to help boost the municipal tax revenue once he builds on Jesse’s land.

Tulip plays with Brewski in Walter’s backyard.

Fiore and DeBlanc set up the necessary equipment to extract Genesis from Jesse. Jesse makes a final plea to keep Genesis, arguing that God wants him to have it. DeBlanc points out that Jesse has had Genesis for a long time. “What good have you done with it?” he challenges.

Townspeople barbecue and socialize outside the church, while Quincannon gathers his men and plans a night assault. Donnie quietly walks to his car, sticks his head in the trunk and fires his gun.

Jesse lies on a blanket with the coffee tin on his chest. DeBlanc sings to Genesis as Fiore cranks the music player. Finally, Genesis jumps out of Jesse and into the can. Jesse asks them to help find Eugene but DeBlanc dismisses him. The coffee tin lid suddenly flies opens and Genesis jumps back inside Jesse. Fiore tells DeBlanc it’s time to use the other option and they depart the church, ignoring Jesse’s pleas to help him bring Eugene back from Hell.

That night, Jesse sits on the church floor with a rifle as the siege unfolds. Quincannon’s men fire at the church. Jesse fires back.

Donnie sneaks up on Jesse with a gun. Jesse uses Genesis and commands Donnie to lower the gun, but Donnie can’t hear the Word of God: He’s blown out his own ear drums. Donnie knocks Jesse unconscious.

Quincannon sits down with Jesse at the church and gives him the deed and transfer papers. Jesse starts to sign the paperwork then stops. He asks Quincannon for one more Sunday and vows to bring God to Annville so that God can answer all of their questions. “If we don’t like his answers, I will denounce the bastard then and there,” Jesse says.

At Walter’s house, Tulip affectionately rubs Brewski. “Goddamn you, Jesse Custer,” she says. She leads Brewski inside a room and shuts the door. Inside, Cassidy devours Brewski.

Sheriff Root puts Jesse in the back seat of his police car. Miles puts his arm around Emily as Jesse is driven off.

An alarm goes off in a control room. An older man named Pappy walks in and checks a gauge, which is at maximum capacity. He pushes a button. The gauge lowers. He reads a magazine and waits.